2021 Olympics – Today’s schedule of events, medal tracker and what to watch in Tokyo


What’s new at the Olympic Games? We have what you need. No more hoops and athletics at the end of the Tokyo Games.

The best Olympic events

Basketball – (Men’s gold medal game: USA vs. France – 10:30 p.m. Friday): The United States team is looking to win its fourth consecutive gold medal after finishing first in 2008, 2012 and 2016. In the Olympic opener, France beat the United States team, shattering a 25-game winning streak at the Olympics for the United States. Kevin Durant was the leader of the equipment of the United States in the Olympic Games and finished with 23 points during the last victory of the equipment against Australia. France versus with Evan Fournier, who tallied 23 points and five rebounds in the team’s semi-final victory over Slovenia.

Football – (Men’s gold medal match: Brazil v Spain – 7:30 a.m. Saturday): Both teams are on the hunt for their second Olympic gold medal overall. Five-time World Cup winners Brazil are the reigning Olympic champions, having won in 2016. Spain won the last Olympic gold in 1992.

Olympic Events Calendar (Hourly ET)

5.30 p.m .: Women’s marathon – medal event

6.30 p.m .: Golf (women’s final) – medal event

8:30 p.m .: Canoe / Kayak – (men’s and women’s semi-finals)

8:30 p.m. to 9:50 p.m .: Water polo (women)

9:00 p.m .: Diving – (men’s 10m platform semi-final)

9:00 p.m .: Rhythmic Gymnastics

9 p.m. to 10:30 p.m .: Beach volleyball – (various medal events)

22h00: Modern Pentathlon (Women’s Final) – Medal Event

10:15 p.m .: Canoe / Kayak – (various medal events)

10:30 p.m .: Basketball – (men’s gold medal event)

Saturday morning at the Olympic Games

12:30 am: Volleyball – (men’s bronze medal event)

00:40: Water polo – (women’s event for the bronze medal)

1 a.m.: Karate – medal event

1h30: Modern Pentathlon

1-2h15: Boxing – (various medal events)

2 a.m.: Diving – medal event

2h20: Rhythmic gymnastics – medal event

2h30: Cycling – medal event

3h30: Water polo – (women’s gold medal event)

4 am-8am: Handball – medal event

6 a.m : Equestrian sports – medal event

5:45 am-9am: Wrestling (different weight categories) – medal events

6 am-7am: Athletics – (various medal events)

6.30 a.m.: Artistic swimming – medalist event

6.30 a.m.: Modern pentathlon – medal event

3 am-7am: Basketball – (various medal events)

7:30 am: Football (men’s Brazil v Spain) – medal event

7:40 am: Athletics (men’s 1500 meters final) – medal event

8:15 am: Volleyball – (men’s gold medal event)

8:30 am: Athletics (women’s 4×400-meter relay final) – medalist event

8:50 a.m .: Athletics (men’s 4×400-meter relay final) – medal event

10am: Canoe / Kayak – medal event


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