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On the evening of September 9, the Hamilton Marathon Canoe Race Team loaded two vans and began their journey to the town of Old Forge to compete in the Adirondack Canoe Classic, also known as the 90-Miler. During the two weeks leading up to the event, the team had risen before sunshine to practice canoeing on the water in the Delta Lake reservoir. This year, 20 Hamilton students, in four canoes, competed in the race, along with Outdoor Leadership Director Andrew Jillings. The team was supported by five members of the pit team.

The 90-Miler follows a section of the historic Northern Forest Canoe Trail through some of the most pristine waterways in the Adirondacks. Every year, 270 boats of different types take part in the race. This year, Hamilton raced three four-person C4 canoes and one eight-person Voyageur canoe. The course is done in stages over three days, and the boat of each category with the fastest overall time wins.

The fastest student boat this year was the C4 with Lydia McGinn ’22, Dylan Morse ’22, Mac Behrhorst ’23 and Max Wutzke ’23, clocking 15:56. The C4 finishing just behind at 4:15 pm was ridden by Violet Newhouse ’23, Zach Weller ’23, Alec Jansujwicz ’24 and Fiona Morrison ’24. They were followed by Maggie McDow ’23, Maddie Schink ’23, Lena Schneck ’23 and Jenna McCarthy’s boat ’23 which finished in 18:58. The Voyageur Canoe, paddled by Shelby McVey ’22, Adele Hinkle ’22, Sosha Stecher ’22, Amy Zhai ’22, Eva Nolan ’22, Bella Moses ’23, Lillian Norton-Brainard ’23, Sophie Auvin ’23, finished in 19:02. Andrew Jillings won the men’s masters category in unlimited kayak finishing in 14:56.

Team captain Lydia McGinn said “The 90’s are always one of the best weekends in the world. [her] year. ”She continued,“ There’s hardly anything better than spending three days in the Adirondacks pushing your physical limits while laughing and paddling with the other people weird and wonderful enough to sign up for. 90 miles canoeing It is an extremely unique experience and I am extremely grateful to have shared with the team this year.

The whole team is grateful for the support of Amanda Gilsten ’23, Syd Soloway ’23, Catherine Fengler ’24, Sara Schneidman ’24 and Sophie Crehan ’24, who were part of the pit crew for the race.

The Hamilton Canoe Marathon team hopes to compete in the Long Lake Long Boat Regatta on September 25th.


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