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It might sound obvious, but what really is the best vehicle for the outdoors enthusiast? Here is a strong argument in favor of the pickup.

If you are one of the many outdoor enthusiasts looking for a hunt vehicle, you have a lot of possibilities these days. Your choices include four-wheel drive and all-wheel-drive all-terrain vehicles with ample ground clearance, cargo space, and towing capacity for an RV or boat.

Ultimately, the most suitable off-road vehicle we’ve ever seen was born: the pickup truck. This has to be the best option, and we’ll take this opportunity to explain why.

Before we start telling us about the different brands like Chevrolet, Jeep, Ford, Ram or Toyota, let’s take a moment to thank the venerable pickup truck and pay tribute to its use as the ultimate vehicle for outdoor enthusiasts.

The best vehicle for an outdoor enthusiast is a pickup truck

The idea has been around since the 19th century, but a pickup truck has evolved into an ideal hunt, peach, and camping vehicle.

Sports enthusiasts like you and I can immediately see the benefits and convenience of having an all-terrain vehicle to take us on dirt roads and off the beaten track, while still retaining the cargo space needed for our equipment and gear. equipment.

Versatility of a truck

Best vehicle for outdoor enthusiasts

As soon as we started using the van and saw all the possibilities, we knew there was room for improvement. The good people who built and marketed these immensely popular vehicles have folded their ears and listened to us outdoor enthusiasts when we longed for improvements. Then they provided additions and improvements such as automatic transmission, more interior space, rows of seats, roof racks, increased towing capacity, ramp control and hill descent control.

Suddenly we had more choices than ever. Do we need a Standard Cab, Extended Cab or Crew Cab model? Will we only use it for commuting or should the truck be used as a sleeping place? Do we want fuel efficiency and comfort, or is rugged off-road capability most important?

There’s a lot to like about the pickup, mainly because you can do whatever you want with it.

Add the personal touch to an outdoor enthusiast’s truck

If you are like me then you cannot spend all of your hard earned money on something without giving it your own signature. Once behind the wheel, it wasn’t long before I wanted to lift it more and more off the ground, add accented camo floor mats, and get aggressive treads on these tires.

Outdoor enthusiasts aren’t happy just with their truck’s function, they want to look sturdier, last longer, and go further than others. My dad even added an extra tank of gas to his 1978 Chevrolet so we didn’t have to stop to refuel on the way to our family cottage on the Thousand Islands! Personal improvements and finishing touches have come a long way from there, and they’re still worth it.

The best hunting and fishing vehicle

Since we can load the truck bed with 100 duck decoys, two dog crates, a pop-up shade and a cooler, this is a good choice. An angler can even haul a trailer with a boat, stow all rods, reels and tackle in the bed, and still have room in the cabin for four adults, plus food and drink for the day. , and be completely comfortable.

Almost all trucks come with a proper towing package, safely haul a lot of gear, and are great for taking kids and the dog with room to spare. And they do it all with serious power behind them. What else do you need?

Once we realized we could easily load a canoe, kayak, or even an inflatable raft, we knew we had found happiness in the great outdoors. Need to store your skis? Do you have a lot of tools? Ready to haul dirt for a big project? The point is, the van seems to have endless possibilities.

The best of the rest

We’ll admit that the off-road capabilities of other vehicles have started to catch up with the pickup. SUVs like the Jeep Wrangler and the new Jeep Gladiator, the Toyota 4runner and the inimitable Land Rover Land Cruiser all play a part in our favorite outdoor rides. Arguments can be made for an AWD crossover if you use it for a motorhome. Even smaller truck versions like the Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon can have off-road capabilities to get the job done and get decent fuel economy when you need to adjust cruise control and go for miles on the highway.

Outdoor adventure vehicles come in many sizes and shapes, and much of it is based on what we as men and women of the outdoors have asked automakers to create for us. Whether you go for a full-size or mid-size truck, have a turbo-diesel or a fuel-efficient hybrid, your truck is what will get you there and back.

Road trips have never been the same since the invention of these go-anywhere all-terrain vehicles and as long as they keep improving them, we’ll keep buying them.

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