Art Fx # 44: “Around the Corner” by Pam MacKenzie


Art Fx is a yearlong series on Huntsville Doppler featuring visual artists from the Huntsville area.

Pam MacKenzie’s “Around the Bend” is a 24 “x 36” acrylic on birch

“This painting depicts a canoe trip along a stream to explore what lies beyond,” says Pam. “My husband and I were avid canoeists and spent countless hours exploring small rivers and streams. Traveling through these small, meandering bodies of water always left you wondering what was going on around the corner. Did it continue or was this turn going to end in a bay or body of water larger than what we were comfortable traveling in our canoe? Were we going to be able to continue by canoe or were we going to have to portage over rough terrain, leaving the color of our canoe on the buried rock of the river? Or would we find a quiet place to disembark and explore the land along the riverbanks? “

“Around the Corner” is available for $ 400.

“Around the Bend” by Pam MacKenzie (provided)

About the artist

Artistic endeavors have always been a part of Pam’s life, from tailoring her own school clothes, to designing and creating wedding dresses and clothing, to art quilts, weaving and the stained glass.

Pam started exploring the world of drawing and painting in 2013 with Laura Landers, Iris Shields and now Carol Rudderham.

Pam has had extensive workshops with a number of well-known Canadian artists and is currently working on an online course in vibrant color painting through the British Columbia-based Bold School. While her first love is black and white portraiture, she felt the need to color her portraits first in pastel and now in acrylic and is taking this course to do just that.

Currently, Pam is exploring the world of the art of casting as she has splints on both arms from a fall this fall. When life throws you lemons, make lemonade.

Pam is co-chair of the Huntsville Art Society and takes advantage of the many opportunities offered by HAS to show her work. She also paints with a group at Carol Rudderham and exhibits her work twice a year in the Partners Hall gallery of the Algonquin Theater.

Find Pam online at the HAS website or contact her at [email protected] or 705-788-9875.

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