BBC MasterChef viewers stunned by John Torode’s pre-release moment


MasterChef viewers were stunned on the latest episode of the cooking contest after spotting a moment before the turning point with John Torode.

The competition heated up again in the kitchen on the BBC One show as the ten remaining contestants faced off in the semi-finals on Tuesday night (April 26), with John and Greg Wallace having to choose their final eight contestants.

First, the amateur chef discovered what it’s like to work in a restaurant. But there was a moment of shock during the episode for viewers – and it had nothing to do with cooking.

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As Judge John headed the pass as Birmingham chef Pookie approached with a dish, he told her she needed to communicate better with her fellow MasterChef hopefuls.

He then added: “Go back and tell them you put their plate on the pass and tell them, because you just, commonly called, knocked them down the shit.” And fans certainly didn’t expect the Australian celebrity chef and TV presenter to drop the swear word until 9pm.

@HRWright tweeted: “Um… are you allowed to say ‘Throw em in shit’ before 9pm like John just did? #MasterChef @MasterChefUK.”

“Do we say ‘s**t’ at 8.25am on BBC1 these days so…? That’s new…” @henweb echoed.

@Ariadne_Reviews said: ‘I may have gasped when John said this #MasterChefUK #MasterChef’, alongside stills from the moment in question with captions.

John Torode shocked viewers

“John just dropped the S-word before 9pm #MasterChef,” @barjacayarm shared.

@Aim2GTC commented, “I just caught up with #Masterchef on iPlayer and nearly choked on #malbec when John Torode told Pookie she let them down.”

But fans were less impressed by his attitude than by the swear words themselves as @GillHayward1 complained: “You just what is commonly called dropping ’em in shit. Calm down John. Was that really needed? #MasterChef #masterchefuk.”

“John took this trick too seriously #MasterChef,” said @colonowsop.

@minieggsxjesus tweeted: ‘You’d think coming out on the other side of a deadly global pandemic would chill you a bit on the little things, but clearly not John #masterchef #MasterChefUK.’

“Why did John Torode decide to turn into Gordon Ramsay? Too much! #Masterchef,” @McbHamilton added.


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