Best Backpack Coolers of 2022 – Best Backpack Coolers for Men


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HERE’S FOR the cooler, the wonderful device that keeps our drinks cold and our snacks cool. Through technology and innovation, the cooler has only gotten cooler over the years. In fact, some might even call it the golden age of intelligent invention.

Now cooler is a wide and broad category. It includes everything from beach-ready versions with all-terrain wheels to collapsing soft-sided options. Some even work as backpacks, letting you use your arms for whatever task you want (rowing a canoe, grabbing a hiking pole, taking a photo, watching your fitness tracker, playing with your phone or your GPS device).

Really, if you don’t have to carry your cooler with your hands, why would you? There are too many other things to enjoy and do, especially if you are exploring a national park, on the saddle of a bicycle (or horse) or on a paddle board. Therein lies the greatness of the backpack cooler: more freedom (and cold drinks). Here are some of our favorites.

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Best Overall Backpack Cooler


M20 Hopper Soft Back Cooler

Dimensions 18.5 x 9.5 x 18.8 inches
lester 4.8 pounds
Volume 18 cans (with ice)

Best Backpack Cooler


South Coast Snapdown 24 Can Backpack

Dimensions 13 x 7 x 15.75 inches
lester 1.84 pounds
Volume 24 cans

The most stylish backpack cooler


Deluxe Double Compartment Backpack

Dimensions 11.75 x 7 x 16 inches
lester 2.42 pounds
Volume 26 cans

Most Rugged Backpack Cooler


Dayventure Backpack Soft Cooler

Dimensions 12.10 x 7.10 x 21.7 inches
lester 9.3 pounds
Volume 6 cans
Color Light gray

The most modern backpack cooler


Hybrid Backpack Cooler

Dimensions 13x9x19
lester 2.8 pounds
Volume 24 cans


Cool Trail Pack cooler

Dimensions 22 x 16 x 8.5 inches
lester 3.25 pounds
Volume 20 cans

Arctic area

Titan Deep Freeze Backpack Cooler

Dimensions 10.5 x 7.5 x 16.5 inches
lester 1.76 pounds
Volume 24 cans

Outdoor Magellan

waterproof backpack cooler

Dimensions 18.5 x 14.5 x 11 inches
lester 2 pounds
Volume 24 cans

We looked at some components to access the many backpack coolers. Comfort is one of them, as is insulation. After all, a cooler is only as good as its cooling capabilities. We also looked at design, functionality, smart innovations and additional storage options. Durability is key here too, as chances are the backpack cooler will be put through a bit more rigor than, say, a beach-friendly model that only goes to the beach.

How to find the right backpack cooler

With a backpack cooler, you need something easy to carry, so weight becomes a factor. Comfortable shoulder straps are also important, as are ways to maximize volume, since most backpacks are only that big. There is a ratio sweet spot, and most of the bags below hit it. What does that mean? Well, maximize the shape of the bag. You don’t have to feel like a pack horse when dragging your gear. Instead, you want something sleek enough that can expand when needed or offer some cool features (dual compartments, for example) to increase overall efficiency. This pack should work as hard as you do when you go on an adventure.

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