Best Things to Do in Kauai with Kids


1. The intimate, understated yet luxurious ambience of the Sheraton Kauai Resort

Just like Goldilocks in the The three bearsthere’s nothing harder to nail than a resort trying to be everything, for everyone, but kudos to the Sheraton Kauai Resort for setting the mood here just right.

Thanks to a recent renovation, the atmosphere is welcoming and the spaces are airy, clean, modern and inviting. Add to that, little nooks and crannies tucked along the property that allow for privacy and feel like you have the place to yourself. With 314 rooms (including 2 suites), the size of the resort is manageable (unlike some resorts which feel like walking for days). The hotel rooms are also spacious, modern and clean. And the way the resort is located, you’ll have gorgeous ocean, pool, or luxurious garden views, all with patios or balconies.

The little extra of a smaller station? You can feel comfortable letting your kids roam around the playroom or explore the grounds while you sit back and have a drink and take in the view.

2. Zero-entry swimming pool and play area for small children

The main pool and the small kid’s paddling pool are connected – clutch if you have children of different ages. Without a lifeguard on duty, two separate pools are a parent’s nightmare, but this beachfront water feature connects the two, making keeping an eye on everyone super easy.

Add to that, the small children’s pool is zero-entry with splashing water, including a waterfall (thanks to the large children’s pool’s infinity edge and where the two pools connect) – small children will love splashing around.

3. Sheraton Kauai’s food is excellent

The food at the resort can run its course pretty quickly, but after five days we still hadn’t been full. Trust us when we say that with four restaurants on the property, we were a bit worried about getting bored or not having enough options, especially with a picky eater. Fortunately, that was not the case. The food options were varied and perfectly executed and we came away satisfied with every meal. Highlights include:

First Light Coffee and Juice Bar: Open from 5:30 a.m. (an early morning miracle if you’re still waking up in your time zone), you’ll find bespoke coffee drinks as well as pastries and sandwiches. A must-have order? The ube latte, iced or hot.

Dawn Restaurant: If you want a sit-down breakfast, you can have a buffet breakfast or order a la carte. The acai bowl and the English muffin sandwich were big hits. Foodie kids will love the ube pancakes – they come with ube white chocolate syrup, macadamia nuts and caramelized bananas.

The twisted surf: This ocean-view poolside spot is where you can grab drinks, snacks, and lunch. The kids loved the beef sliders and we loved the Crooked Surf Tacos, lightly battered fish tacos that hit more than once during our stay.

Moa Moa Hawaiian Fish House: For a memorable, upscale dining experience that’s still kid-friendly, head to Moa Moa. Pacific Island cuisine is on the menu with mussels and fish from the market being just a few of the highlights. If you don’t avoid garlic, order the Kauai Garlic Shrimp on a bed of linguini pasta, probably the best garlic shrimp dish we’ve ever had.


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