Birkett and Notten crowned Fish Canoe Marathon champions in a biting finish


Race winners Andy Birkett and Nick Notten shoot Cradock Weir at the end of day two of the 2021 Fish River Canoe Marathon on Saturday, October 9. Photo: Bruce Viaene / Gameplan Media

Nicholas Notten and Andy Birkett have been crowned the new South African K-2 Canoe Champions.

Notten and Birkett (4: 43.42) who won the first round from Grassridge Dam to Knutsford Bridge in seconds on Friday 8 October continued their good work to become the overall winners after finishing the second day of Knutsford race to Cradock seconds ahead of Jasper Mocke and Cyril Carrao (4: 44.16) who came third. Hamish Lovemore and Hank McGregor (4: 49.05) had to concede second place on Friday to finish third in the final lap.

In the ladies section, Christie McKenzie and Bridgitte Hartley (5: 17.43) appeared to have already booked the championship on Friday, while Jenny Nisbett and Saskia Hockly (5: 20.20) held on to their second place and Jordan Peak and Pippa McGregor (5: 38.00) in their third place.

In the girls section u / 18, the championship went to Jessice Behn and Rachel van Deventer (6: 37.07), followed by Laila Maher and Amy Hulett (6: 42.11) with Lizanne Conradie and Sarah Jones (6: 51, 52) Thirdly. The girls finished in the same positions as on Friday.

In the boys u / 18 section, the championship went to Jack Edmund and Matthew Millway (4: 55,29) who finished 8e overall on Friday and have improved so much they came 6e globally. Jordan Fenn and Luke Swinney (5; 12.24) finished in second place with Joshua Simpkins and Matthew Coetzer (5: 16.37) in third place.

In accordance with COVID-19 regulations, there was no open awards show this year and medals and certificates were presented to Standard Cricket Club.


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