Busamang celebrates Christmas with games



CORPORATE houses are challenged to support rural sports programs during the holiday season.

Ramu Sugar’s regional sales and marketing coordinator for the north, Harry Bou, said this after the success of the second annual Busamang Ironman challenge last Saturday. He said business house support for such programs in the future will see the event improve and grow.

He said Ramu Sugar has the privilege of supporting communities in their holiday season sporting competitions.

Busamang Christmas Games coordinator Harry Kaisa said the concept of launching games in the village started last year.

“The village loved football and there was nothing for women and children, so we took the initiative to contact a company to support the Christmas games in Busamang village.”

Kaisa said the intention to host these games is to involve more older mothers, fathers and daughters.
“It’s not really competitive, it’s just to bond. These games are a good way to let people know about companies like Lae Biscuit, Ramu Sugar and all the other sponsors, ”Kaisa said.

The President of the Busamang Christmas Games, Saki Siban, said they normally organize ball games in which only young people participate. So last year they launched the fun games.

“We’re trying to create something new where everyone of different ages will get involved and have fun,” he said.

He said it was a good move because it saved the kids trouble.

Each team paid 100K for the K2 membership and registration fee per player.

The games started on Friday with swimming, canoeing and rafting racing. The Iron Man race was the highlight of the second day which saw five representatives from each team compete.

The race was a tough test as each player started a swim race to shore, ran a few miles to reach their canoe, and ended in a canoe race.


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