Can we talk about an amazing Oscar moment, please? (VIDEO)


Dear Endless Oscar Slap Talk – Please make room for a great Oscar story. The story of Liza Minelli and Lady GaGa brings me to tears as I sit watching her here in Rochester, Minnesota.

94th Academy Awards – Show

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Will Smith has had quite a few last 24 hours. He won an Oscar, slapped Chris Rock in front of tens of millions live at the Oscars, and now, about a day later, has issued a public apology for his behavior on the show. Read more: Will Smith apologizes to Chris Rock; Read his full statement

I’m not saying it’s not worth talking about, damn it, it’s so worth talking about on so many levels. It’s just that, on the same night, an incredibly talented artist was on stage for the first time in a long time. She presented the award for Best Picture with Lady Gaga and if you click play, and at least you don’t cry, I’ll be surprised.

Growing up, Liza Minelli’s life wasn’t always easy, she had a big movie star for mom, after all. But Minelli says it was happy…

“One of the biggest misconceptions about my mom is that she didn’t give me a happy childhood,” Liza Minnelli says on a sunny New York afternoon. “There were ups and downs for sure, but I can say that I was very happy. Whether people choose to believe that or not is up to them, but I know that I was happy.Vogue)

Perhaps it was the mix of hard and happy that gave her the courage she needed to succeed on her own, winning an Oscar, two Grammys, four Tonys and an Emmy. In and out of the tabloids, of course, but always ahead and through it all, that voice!

To the Tweet above (did you watch the video…hope you watched the video) one person replied,

It’s beautiful! But why did they do this to Liza? She should never have been put in this situation. To reduce such an icon to a mere shell of herself in front of the world is truly pathetic on the side of the Academy. Invite her to enjoy the night, don’t make a show of it.

That person may have seen her as a shell of herself, but what I saw was a woman saying, “Fuck the world that thinks if you’re not young, beautiful and upright, you have to hide. I’m here, look at me, I’m awesome.”

The beauty of Minelli/GaGa time on stage isn’t as easy for everyone to see, and that’s thanks to Lady Gaga’s incredible talent for subtlety. She stepped out of the spotlight so Liza could enjoy her moment. Then, when there were times when Liza Minelli needed help, it was simple and smooth.

It was a master class in not robbing someone of their dignity. And yes, it made me cry. One-to-one awesomeness does that to me.

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