Canadians celebrate John Montagu on National Sandwich Day


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It’s National Sandwich Day on Thursday – so go ahead, grab a few slices of your favorite bread, stuff them with your favorite filling and celebrate!

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Who do we thank for this day? None other than John Montagu, the fourth Earl of Sandwich, an 18th century English nobleman whose birthday is November 3rd. Word is old Montagu wanted something to indulge one-handedly – as he enjoyed a 24-hour gaming marathon. His trusty kitchen staff scrambled and created a meat-filled sandwich – and voila! We are now celebrating the birth of the very first sandwich.

What’s Canada’s favorite sandwich? A new poll commissioned by Chef’s Plate has found that Canadians are craving simpler things, including their sandwich choices. Top of the list? Chicken sandwiches, followed by grilled cheese, both topped.

Canadian classics like the grilled beef sandwich with mustard on a kaiser bun, from Montreal’s Wilensky’s restaurant — otherwise known as Wilensky’s Special — and the Halifax Donair aren’t the top picks this year, though a classic that’s still going strong is Montreal Smoked Meat (also known as Mustard Beef Brisket).


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