Canoeing, climbing and sandcastle creations for 6th graders at St Laurence-in-Thanet CE Junior Academy – The Isle Of Thanet News

Adventures for 6th graders

Year 6 children at St Laurence-in-Thanet CE Junior Academy tested their resilience and courage as part of their week of transition activities.

Last Monday, they spent the day on Ramsgate beach, soaking up the sun and taking part in a hotly contested sandcastle competition. Amazing creations caused the beach to be covered with volcanoes, replicas of Pompeii and miniature houses.

On Tuesday, a group of children visited Clip ‘n’ Climb in Westwood while another took on the day-long challenge on the River Stour at the Canoe Wild centre, which was funded by Reconnect, a community program run by Kent County Council offering a range of activities and opportunities to help children and young people reconnect with their pre-pandemic lives.

During the day, the children got down to kayaking, canoeing and paddle boarding, overcoming their initial fears and ending the day with a great sense of personal accomplishment and pride.

On the final day, another group visited Ninja Warrior in Chatham for the ultimate challenge: could they beat “the wall”? Taking on the physical challenges was difficult, but every student tried their hand at it.

Year 6 teacher Ms Goldsmith said: ‘We were all so proud of the children during the week.

“They took on challenges that were out of their comfort zone, but threw themselves into the task with relish. The smiles on their faces were proof of the good time they had had all week.


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