Christie Mackenzie hopes to bounce back from COVID-19 in time for Drak


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Former Dusi winner Christie Mackenzie found herself locked in a race against time to return to top form after falling plagued by COVID-19.

Mackenzie hopes to do better than second place last Drak N3TC Challenge when the event returns on January 29 and 30.

COVID-19 throws a wrench in the works

Mackenzie enjoyed a successful season in 2021, between the deadlocks that hampered the local and international calendars, and also managed to complete his honors studies in psychology in the year of the roller coaster.

It will be a challenge for the MyLife Dusi K2 title with Jordan peek early next year.

In anticipation of his summer paddling season, Mackenzie had to reset his year-end training plans after returning a positive test for the virus in December.

“It’s been a bit complicated in the works to get Covid, but I think it’s good that I have it now so I can’t get it again before Drak and Dusi,” Mackenzie said.

“It’s better now when I have time to recover,” she said as she left for a short vacation in Mozambique after testing negative after ignoring the virus.

“Right now the plan is to see how my body is when I get back to things, because obviously I haven’t trained at all just to be safe,” said the Euro Steel rider. “I feel super tired.

“It looks like there has been some nice rains in Underberg, so I’m really looking forward to seeing Drak, so we’ll try to get up there to do some stumbling for the Drak.”

Christie Mackenzie wants to do better

Mackenzie finished quickly in second place at the last edition of the Drak held in January 2020. She finished close to the winner. Jenna nisbet and did well to repel the Olympian who charges hard Bridgitte hartley.

After juggling training and education in 2021, Mackenzie can look forward to making paddling a priority in 2022.

“It was difficult managing my studies and training for the world championships so now I can focus on paddling a bit,” she said, adding that she was about to start. her community service as a springboard to be accepted into her master’s degree. studies.

“Drak is always the fun pre-race to the Dusi,” she added, downplaying the fact that the stacked women’s field will make the race for the N3TC Drak Challenge title a fascinating competition in the making.

the N3TC Drak Challenge Canoe Marathon takes place in Underberg January 29 and 30, 2022.


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