Commonwealth Games (CWG) Birmingham 2022 Para Sports, Swimming and Athletics Dates, Schedule, List of Sporting Events


How long has parasport been involved in the Commonwealth Games and the dates for parasport, athletics and swimming in 2022

In this article, we will try to find out more about parasports at the Commonwealth Games.

Before parasport was fully included in the Commonwealth Games, there were Commonwealth Paraplegic Games held alongside the official Commonwealth Games from 1962 to 1974. Paraplegic competition was sometimes also referred to as the British Commonwealth Paraplegic Games and the Paraplegic Empire Games.

Commonwealth Games 2022 Parasports, Swimming and Athletics Dates, Schedule and List of Sporting Events

Six parasports will start on July 29, 2022, including medal events in para-cycling and para-swimming. Para-athletics will begin on August 2.

The swimming and para-swimming events are scheduled from July 29 to August 3, 2022, across fifty-two events including twelve para-sports.

Athletes who competed were usually those with spinal injury or polio deficiency. The first Paraplegic Games were held in 1962, however, the games had to be canceled in 1974, due to the event’s declining popularity.

List of countries that have hosted the Commonwealth Paraplegic Games

• Australia

• Jamaica

• New Zealand


Athletes with disabilities were first involved in exhibition competitions held at the 1994 Victoria Games in Canada. At the Commonwealth Games in Manchester in 2002, athletes with disabilities were involved as full members of their national team, making parasport a fully inclusive international multi-sport game. After being included in the Commonwealth Games, at the 2006 Melbourne Games in Australia, a total of 189 para-athletes from 25 countries competed in athletics, swimming, table tennis and powerlifting in compete for medals in a total of 12 events.

Since then, participating nations had sent para-athletes in droves to compete for glory. Para-sports at the Commonwealth Games are different from the Paralympics, where a separate para-sport program is held for para-athletes, followed by the conclusion of the Olympic Games.

While in the Commonwealth Games the parasport events run alongside the other CWG programme, this is what is different from the Paralympic events.

Speaking of parasport inclusion, the 2018 Commonwealth Games saw over 300 para-athletes compete for medals in 38 events across all seven sports, including the first-ever wheelchair marathon.

The CWG, 2022, Birmingham will mark the largest para-sport program in Commonwealth Games history. Athletes will now also compete in the new addition of a 3×3 wheelchair basketball.

List of para-sports that will feature at the Birmingham games in 2022

• Athletics

• Swimming

• 3×3 chair basketball

• Cycling (track)

• Table tennis

• Triathlon

• Powerlifting

• Lawn balls

• Archery

Canoe sprint

• Filming

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