Could canoe polo be your thing?


It’s been seven years since a friend introduced Ruhan Marx to a sport he had never heard of.

A sport he not only coaches now but has seen him travel overseas to represent the country. What is this sport you ask me? It’s canoe polo and he shared why he thinks people should be a part of the sport too.

Ruhan Marx likes to play canoe polo.

In 2015, 15-year-old Ruhan was spending his day when a friend implored him to come with him to Dabulamanzi Canoe Club and he was introduced to what has now become his favorite sport.
Ruhan described himself as a sports enthusiast and it was just one of three other sports he participated in.

“For me, the sport is about building community and raising your level to the top countries by coaching canoe polo with Niel Burger and Kyle Hardy, two of my best friends,” he said.

Ruhan Marx has been in canoe polo since he was 15 years old.

Along with his best friends, he is currently focused on growing the number of players in the sport and developing players for the African Championships to be held next year. “Then afterwards, if all goes well, it’s off to China for the World Championships.”

How is it that this little-known sport, at least in this part of the world, had such a hold on his life? It’s thanks to the three other sports he participates in that canoe polo has incorporated the right combination of things for him. “Between gymnastics, hockey, rock climbing and canoe polo, I would say canoe polo has the perfect blend of spices… most being, like tennis, you can play canoe polo up to at 60 and beyond.”
He said the sport also has the right balance of strategy, contact and skill.
Ruhan also believed that the players of the sport were the friendliest and most welcoming people he had ever met.

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