Dusi Canoe Marathon sponsors river cleaning programs


The title sponsor of the MyLife Dusi Canoe Marathon has led an ongoing program of clean-up initiatives in the Dusi River watershed, coupled with key educational programs.

It comes as the spotlight of the global canoeing community turns to the famous river race between Pietermaritzburg and Durban on the Msunduzi.

After taking over the title sponsorship of the Dusi Canoe Marathon in 2021, MyLife staff and management have teamed up with the Dusi Umgeni Conservation Trust and say they have been working since early November to clean up waste from the river.

“As MyLife we ​​have been busy preparing the MyLife Dusi and in doing so we see the MyLife Dusi Canoe Marathon as a powerful platform to raise awareness of waste and water quality issues in our environment. local, ”said Sloane Lang of Truda Foods Marketing. . “When it comes to affordable nutrition, our rivers and sustainability as a whole, we are passionate and committed to making a positive impact. “

The importance of the river was underscored in 2019 when the Willowton Group’s Sunfoil factory dumped a toxic mixture of cooking oil and caustic soda into the river, devastating life along the Dusi.

Education is the key

In addition to keeping the river clean, MyLife staff also took the initiative to visit the Valley of a Thousand Hills to educate teachers and children about the importance of keeping rivers clean.

“The MyLife Dusi Canoe Marathon is a key event that lays the foundation for year round river maintenance.

“The main objective of these workshops was to make teachers and children aware of the importance of rivers and how we should take care of them.

“The educational program includes content on water quality, wasteful disposal and affordable food.

“A team of energetic athletes from MyLife Dusi have organized entertaining workshops for students to participate in,” Lang added.

These workshops which have been set up by the MyLife team will be extended into the new year when the students return to school.

“They will also receive books, training materials, posters and comprehension sheets in January 2022. These will help maintain the student’s learning dynamic and remember everything they have learned. during the workshops.

“The MyLife team will also organize a resource recycling workshop in each school in January 2022.

“It involves educating learners and teachers on how to turn everyday recyclable items into valuable learning resources and tools, which is a fantastic way to incorporate functionality into arts and crafts. students. “


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