Emmerdale fans call on Marlon Dingle actor to win awards for his emotional storyline


Emmerdale fans have called on one of the soap opera’s longtime stars to win awards for his recent screenplay after another emotional scene between Marlon Dingle and his daughter April aired on the ITV soap opera on Wednesday night. Viewers praised actor Mark Charnock, who played pub boss Marlon for over 25 years, for his moving performance.

In recent scenes from the Yorkshire drama, Marlon comes home from hospital but still needs full-time care from his partner Rhona after his stroke. Earlier in the week, Marlon’s young daughter April, played by Amelia Flanagan, was seen giving her father a drink after he told her he was thirsty.

But within moments, Marlon was choking and a panicked April watched in horror as she screamed for Rhona to come help her. The ordeal frightened the teenager and she became withdrawn, fearing that she would hurt her father again. During the episode, April and her father had a heart-to-heart, after he asked to go back to the hospital because he didn’t want her to be “scared”.

Taking to Twitter after the episode, 53-year-old actor Mark Charnock tweeted: “A big thank you to everyone for their kind words over the last few nights of #Emmerdale. One of the most positive part of it all is seeing people bravely sharing their very moving personal stories of strokes and supporting each other. You are all amazing and inspiring. X”

The emotional scenes saw fans praising the couple for their performances on social media, with some saying they were left “sobbing” and “heartbroken”. “Marlon and April really make me sob,” @vanitypending tweeted and Anikka Forbes added, “Emmerdale keeps me crying in the Marlon scenes where he plays his role so accurately!”.

Others suggested Mark should win awards for his performance, Simon B posted “I’ve always loved the comedic antics of Marlon and Paddy in #Emmerdale but @markcharnock’s play recently is something to see. Suddenly having to take on this role must have been so daunting, wanting to do him justice and he absolutely did. World class brand. Worthy of an award.”

Gilly K replied to the star, “Your performance is so real and heartfelt! Amazing acting and the fantastic young actress playing April wow! Xx.” Another fan, Elena Daniels, added: “I cried last night watching Marlon and April together. It was sublime to act from you two. You all deserve awards, but you especially Mark, your portrayal of ‘a stroke victim is so accurate’.

Graeme Coombs tweeted: “Mark, you should win every TV, soap opera and acting award, for the heartbreaking portrayal of Marlon after his stroke. By far the best and most inspirational acting I’ve ever seen. ever seen on television, I was moved to tears”. John said: “You break my heart. Such a powerful representation – underrated in so many ways. Kudos to you and everyone @emmerdale. Brilliant!”

Emmerdale continues weeknights on ITV and ITV Hub from 7.30pm.


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