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When we’re not outdoors, we get our dose of adventure by exploring social media and the web. Sometimes we’re a little too plugged in, and browsing adventure reads can take anywhere from a few minutes to several hours. To feed your own dose of adventure, here are some of the best adventure links we discovered this week.

This anime gives mountaineering the movie it has always deserved: Closest to the anime is watching Japanese businessmen devour erotic comics on their way to work on the Tokyo subway. Corn Climbing review takes this new animated film a little more seriously. They believe that Summit of the Gods is a “breathtaking animation and fascinating analysis of the climbing spirit”.

Tim Cahill is an outside legend. Thank goodness he is not dead: Cahill’s stories and the exciting misadventures made Outdoor magazine what it is today. He talks here about his role in the creation of Out. From choking on snake blood and gallbladder cocktails in the name of journalism, to how he came back from the dead after a frigid swim in the Grand Canyon’s biggest rapids.

Atanas Skatov (top left), Ali Sadpara (top right), John Snorri (bottom left), Sergi Mingote (middle), JP Mohr (bottom right). Some of the climbers we lost in 2021.

The climbers we lost: A tribute to the great and good of climbing who passed to the great relay in the sky. From the dean of adventure writing David Roberts, to high-altitude British star Rick Allen, and the K2 has fallen five times.

The big mean wolf

Wolves are always the bad guys in children’s media. Let’s change that: My girlfriend and I recently went through another set of box office killings. It ended with investigators accusing a wolf of the disappearance of some children. So I was interested to see Krista Langlois address the question of whether, by portraying predators as villains, we are influencing the way our children view the natural world.

How to get someone else to carry your skis and other risky bets: Ski guide Mike Hattrup has spent a lot of time testing and developing skis for various businesses on Mount Hood. He also found out how to get someone else to wear them to the top.

Pioneer Route: A short film about a former Olympic alpine skier on an adventure with his daughter. With his daughter, he travels across northern Sweden, 40 years after going there alone for the first time.

When he’s not shooting movies, Jimmy Chin chats with top-notch CEOs. Photo: Outside

Your Favorite Dirtbags Are Motivational Speakers: It’s not for everyone, and it’s nothing new, but peddling platitudes to conquer the mountains is still hugely profitable.

Estonia in winter: Into the Wilds by canoe and “Bog Shoe”: The peatlands of Soomaa National Park in Estonia are home to an amazing variety of birds and beasts. You might even spot the odd white-thighed bog swimmer.

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