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Just when you thought it was safe to plan a family getaway, the image of global health is changing once again. New COVID-19 hotspots, travel restrictions and protocols threaten to undermine your planned adventure. This is why the concept of “trip stacking” is gaining popularity and can be your solution. Travelers choose to book their dream vacation. But, they are also developing a backup plan. It is an alternative but attractive option in case their first choice becomes untenable.

Here are five ideas to consider.

1. Dream trip: Cruise on the Mediterranean

Oh, to sail the Mediterranean. While reflecting on a trip on the Royal Caribbean Odyssey of the Seas, the kids focused on the latest on-board equipment, including skydiving, virtual adventures, the glow-in-the-dark laser beacon and bumper car showdowns.

Adults imagine themselves strolling through Florence’s ancient lanes and sipping local wines on the Amalfi Coast.

BACKUP PLAN: Canoeing in the Boundary Waters

But, if an international adventure becomes overwhelming, consider a canoeing adventure on a scenic lake where social distancing is easy and natural beauty is second to none. Head to the waters bordering Minnesota and paddle through a sparsely populated expanse of wilderness of over a million acres. Hear the waves lapping against the shore and the spellbinding lullaby offered by local dives as you fall asleep at one of the 2,000 secluded campsites that dot the lake area. Wake up to the sounds of birds singing in the birch trees before setting out to explore the 1,500 miles of canoe routes that crisscross the waterways. End the day around the campfire with a toast with Italian wine.

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2. Dream trip: epic theme park

You’ve saved up to visit an iconic park like Disney Land in California or Universal Studios in Florida. Children yearn to explore Space Mountain and experience the magical world of Harry Potter. But if it’s not the year to line up, head forward for the street parade, or to get comfortable with other fans while waiting for the Hogwarts Express, then have a plan B makes sense.

BACKUP PLAN: Superb national park

Consider exploring 45 miles in Acadia National Park in Maine via Rustic Roads made possible by philanthropist John D. Rockefeller Jr. The 16-foot-wide historic trails were designed to allow the Rockefeller family to travel through the area to horse or horse-drawn carriages. So none of the roads are too twisty or steep, making them ideal for today’s family cyclists. Bridges steeped in history and clad in stone cross streams, waterfalls and roads. Cycle or walk, or take a horse-drawn carriage ride.

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3. Dream trip: Discover the art and history of France

Your must-see trip to France would ideally include a lot of art and history. The Louvre and other museums would be on the list. An educational D-Day tour of Normandy’s beaches – including Omaha Beach and the Operation Overlord Museum as well as the American Cemetery where more than 10,000 white crosses dot the landscape – would be part of the plan.

BACKUP PLAN: american adventure story

But if the pond crossing has to wait until a later date, consider delving into history a little closer to home.

See some of the last remaining natural expanses of America’s longest river – the Missouri – while on the lookout for wildlife and scenic views, and contemplating the region’s significant history. How did this river come to Lewis and Clark when they sailed along the Missouri over 200 years ago? You’ll learn about the plants, animals, and landscapes featured in the Lewis and Clark journals, and learn how the river has changed course over the years. The Missouri National Recreational River Water Trail runs from Fort. Randall Dam near Pickstown, SD, in Sioux City, Iowa, primarily within the boundaries of the Missouri National Recreational River, a national park unit made up of relatively free-flowing segments of the stepped river.

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4. Dream trip: luxury resort in Scottsdale

Checking in at a sprawling luxury resort is a real treat, and a family stay at the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess is no exception. A gem of the Sonoran Desert, families love the chance to dip their toes in the sand at the Sunset Beach Pool or join in the festivities at the Sonoran Splash Pool where waterslides, music, games, and dive movies. increase the fun factor.

BACKUP PLAN: Scottsdale house rental

However, this might be the year your family chooses to take it down a notch by booking a home rental at a beach resort you can’t wait to visit. You’ll have more control over time spent in public spaces while enjoying the outdoor options, including golfing, hiking, and stargazing that a resort destination like Scottsdale has to offer.

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5. Your dream trip

It is important to carefully consider all change and cancellation policies when planning your dream trip and back up plan. Given the rapidly changing circumstances, your best option may be to give your dream vacation the opportunity to unfold when it is most enjoyed by all.

Your backup plan: Sometimes the best backup plan is to stay in your home sweet home until it’s time to travel.

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