Fancy some adventure for the New Year? Try this treasure in Apopka’s garden …


By Charles Towne

Come back with me to another time, where you can contemplate the desert as it has appeared, little changed, over the past thousand years.

Outdoor type or not, it’s a must see!

Imagine traveling on a gentle waterway in the wake of the Native Americans who lived here before the arrival of the white man. Hear the call of the wild. Do you hear the cry of the great blue heron, or maybe the hoarse cry of a wandering bittern? Or how about the drumming of that ivorybeak ancestor, the great woodpecker?

Look over there, an otter, or maybe our state’s dragon, the alligator.

Be prepared as you might occasionally see a gray fox, bobcat or deer and if you are lucky and watch you might see this old man of the forest the black bear as he silently disappears and quietly propels you your canoe downstream with the current.

You could drop a line and try, or hang on, to catch some of the massive bass that inhabit these waters. If you do, please practice catching and letting go so that someone else can share your thrill.

In places, you float on pure white sand in a foot of water as the foliage cascades down to the water’s edge. These sandy spots are perfect for lounging and are ready to use for young and old.

By now I’m sure you are wondering “what am I talking about?” Nothing but this place of Edenic beauty, Rock Springs Run, the upper part of the Wekiva River, wild and picturesque.

Bob Loomis, the owner of Kings Landing, has created an enjoyable experience for everyone – young and old alike that must be seen to be fully appreciated, as words alone cannot describe what he does for central Florida.

Shake hands with Bob and congratulate him on a job well done.

To reach King’s Landing, head north on Rock Springs Road from Apopka until you come to Kelly Park Road. Turn right on Kelly Park Road, then left on Baptist Camp Road. Drive past Rock Springs Park, about 3/4 of a mile to the end of the road and there you are.

The canoe hostesses will prepare your canoe and get you on the road to adventure. Go downstream and follow the take out signs just below the old “Bridge to Nowhere” and Loomis Adventures will pick you up in their shuttle and return you to your car.

Oh yeah, be sure to bring a camera, sunscreen, and lunch and get ready for an adventure that will give your life back years.


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