Foyle Padders honored in recognition of Derry club’s 40th anniversary


Local group Foyle Paddlers have been honored after recently celebrating a milestone in the club’s history, reaching their 40th year.

The group, which began their adventures on the River Foyle and beyond in 1981, were invited to a Mayor’s reception in recognition of the club’s 40th anniversary.

Mayor Graham Warke said: “I was truly delighted to welcome some of the members of Foyle Paddlers Canoe Club to the Guildhall to mark their very special achievement of 40 years since the club was founded.

“It is a real honor for the dedicated group of coaches and club members that Foyle Paddlers have gone from strength to strength over the past four decades and have found a home at Prehen Boathouse.

“Foyle Paddlers has also led the way with its Junior Club Paddlers and Foyle Paddlers Special Olympics which ensure everyone is included and can learn about the sports of canoeing.

“The club has enjoyed great success, with some former members becoming All-Ireland Slalom Champions and World Surfing Champions, while the club has also won several League of Northern Ireland races on several occasions.

“Through their regional Foyle Race event and the Morne River White Water Race, the Foyle Paddlers are promoting the sport not just here in the North West, but nationally, and I hope that as the pandemic will continue to subside, we may see the return of these fantastic events to our city and our district.

“I wish everyone at Foyle Paddlers Canoe Club the best on this special anniversary and the best of luck for the next 40 years and beyond.”

Enda Cummins, Head Coach at Foyle Paddlers, added: “The Foyle Paddlers Canoe Club would like to recognize and celebrate those who started the club, our former members, the thousands of people over the years who have attended our initiation sessions , to various paddling courses and programs, as well as our current members who continue to enjoy our sport.”


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