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Gauteng holds a series of canoe marathon training races leading up to the Gauteng Marathon Championships, where the team that will represent Gauteng in the South African Marathon Championships will be selected.

The first marathon was held at Homestead Dam in Benoni on May 8, a K1 race (Kayak/1 person, single kayak) and on May 15 the K2 race (two man kayak) at the Florida Lake Canoe Club.

On May 22, the practice race was held at Emmarentia Dam and the final race where the selection of the team to represent Gauteng will take place will take place at Germiston Lake, with K1 and K2 on May 28 and 29.

Young Jose Faria finished in 2:09:08, as the sixth u-18 in Gauteng Marathon training. Photography: Annette van Schalwyk.

The Gauteng team will face other South African paddlers in KwaZulu-Natal in June at the South African Inter-Provincial Marathon Championships.

The event covers all ages from u-8 to Great Grand Masters, 65+, with varying distances for younger and older age groups.

The main event for seniors is around 20 and 21 km, depending on the size of the lake.

Training at Lake Germiston while the pan is cleaned of mining pollution. Albert Matruje finished as the third U-18 participant with a time of 1:51:03. Photo: provided.

Canoe marathon races include portages, which are getting out of the water and running a boat a short distance, about 50m, and back into place. The practice of such maneuvers is vital and also delicate.

Very young and very old participants are not required to carry.

Young people from the Johannesburg Canoe Club (JCC) in training at Wemmer Pan are currently training at Lake Germiston while the pan is cleaned of mining pollution and have participated in the events.

Paddlers young and old enjoyed being in racing mode. Photo: provided.

Albert Matruje finished as the third u-18 in a time of 1:51:03, with Thabo Selela right behind him, in 1:52 and youngster Jose Faria finished in 2:09:08, as sixth u-18.

All paddlers young and old have enjoyed being back in race mode and are taking advantage of the race training opportunities to build up the team selection.


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