Global Surgical Nonprofit Operation Smile recognizes dedicated volunteers for National Volunteer Month


In honor of National Volunteer Month, Operation Smile recognizes the wonderful volunteers who dedicate their time and skills to improving the lives of children in developing countries. As one of the largest non-profit surgical organizations in the world, Operation Smile would not exist without the hard work and commitment of volunteers and it is imperative that they achieve the recognition and praise they deserve.

VIRGINIA BEACH, Virginia., April 21, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — April is National Volunteer Month. It’s a time to recognize the importance of volunteerism and to celebrate the important contributions that volunteers make by giving their time and skills to worthy causes. As one of the world’s largest medical volunteer-based nonprofits, Operation Smile relies on the generosity of volunteers to provide life-changing surgery and comprehensive care for children with cleft cuffs. low- and middle-income countries. Whether it’s students raising funds on a marathon or nurses and surgeons taking time off from their busy surgeries to provide medical care to children around the world, volunteers are the lifeblood of Operation Smile, and it is imperative that they receive recognition and praise. they deserve.

Operation Smile offers a plethora of ways for individuals to get involved and volunteer with the organization. Recently, Operation Smile sponsored the “Final Mile” of the Yuengling Shamrock Marathon in Virginia Beach, Virginia, where long-time supporters showed up to raise money and take part in the race. One of these supporters, Nashville native Cody Smith who was born with a cleft condition, traveled to Virginia Beach each of the past 15 years to support Operation Smile with his family.

Cody’s mom Jamie Smith comments on the organization’s impact on Cody and the entire family: “The thought of our son, who was born helpless and innocent, having pre-determined struggles in his path, brought us to a level of strength from which we constantly draw. We come to the Shamrock Marathon with our hearts full of love to raise funds, which is meant to prove to others that they are not alone.There is power within each of us that shows love for others. others and lets them know they are special.”

Operation Smile relies heavily on the generosity of medical volunteers to provide life-changing cleft lip and palate surgeries and comprehensive long-term care. Through its surgical programs, nurses, doctors, speech pathologists, and various healthcare professionals leave their day-to-day practices and volunteer their time and skills to fissure patients in developing countries.

Mamta Shaha registered nurse in the Denver, Coloradothe region has volunteered with Operation Smile for over two decades and is moving towards Guatemala participate in a surgical program trip this month. When asked why she loves working with Operation Smile, Mamta replied, “Operation Smile fosters a thriving educational platform to provide opportunities for nurses, anesthesiologists and surgeons in multiple countries. Career paths are expanded. Operation Smile makes a gigantic contribution to the global economy. building a more cohesive, safer and stronger community.”

Operation Smile not only provides care for fissure patients worldwide, but also brings together a community of people born with fissures in United States. The nonprofit also connects healthcare professionals from different specialties and builds a network of enthusiastic volunteers from around the world.

With the help and guidance of Operation Smile’s development directors, the organization can build relationships with more enthusiastic volunteers and donors. Amber Leonti is the Director of US Development Officers and Director of West Coast Development for Operation Smile and has volunteered for medical assignments at Ghanathe Dominican Republic and Mexico. Amber resides in Sacramento, California but oversees a region of seven states in the west United States. When asked what got her excited about working with Operation Smile, Amber said: “I love thinking about Operation Smile’s humble beginnings as a family-run organization 40 years later. later, working in more than 30 countries and providing life-changing care to more than 326,000 patients.We work with an extensive network of volunteers, local healthcare providers and Ministries of Health to not only treat the patients with fissures, but also to raise the level of healthcare worldwide.”

Michael Joyner, Operation Smile’s Senior Volunteer Services Coordinator, has had lasting and meaningful relationships with the organization’s volunteers since 2013. She said she was grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with people who are making a lasting impact in the whole world. Michelle added, “Most of us have met at least one person who changed our lives through their words or actions. For Operation Smile, our patients and their families, these humble and courageous volunteers give the most important asset in life: their time. volunteers change lives forever and, in doing so, have their lives changed forever in return. »

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Operation Smile is a global non-profit organization specializing in specialist cleft surgery and care. For the past 40 years, we have provided medical expertise, research and care through our dedicated staff and medical and student volunteers around the world, in collaboration with local governments, non-profit organizations and health systems, and supported by our generous donors. Learn more about or by following @operationsmile on social media.

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