Great fun in Grand Teton National Park with the Black Series HQ19


Eddie has always promised his wife Belinda a trip to Grand Teton National Park, and he can finally honor his words in early fall. They left with their dog Leo and the Black Series HQ19 trailer bought this summer. They decided to go on an RV road trip because they really want to feel the charm of nature and enjoy a precious trip without limit of accommodations and campsites.

In Grand Teton National Park there are seemingly clipped peaks, wide calm waterways, alpine areas especially ripe for adventure, reflections of mountain lakes, animals drinking water by the gentle rivers, snow-capped mountains… Thinking of those majestic views, he feels they become there the next second.


They buy food in Jackson, south of Grand Teton, and Belinda stuffs all the food into HQ19’s 170L refrigerator. This takes away all their worries of a shortage of fresh food during the whole trip. Beautiful views appear as they walk through the park gate. As the Moose-Wilson road is very narrow, they choose another route to String and Leigh lakes. They are very attracted to the beautiful lake landscape. They rent a canoe and paddle out enjoying the rugged peaks from String Lake to the shore of Leigh Lake. They then set off again along the path.


They decide to camp by the lake tonight. The road by the lake, although a little bumpy, is easy to manage for their Black Series HQ19. With its high chassis and suspension system that adapts to various road conditions, the HQ19 trailer can be towed almost anywhere. This makes those harsh road conditions no longer a problem for us. They find a clearing where Belinda is busy cooking. As he lights the hot stove and sets up the table and chairs, the steak is already sizzling in the pot. The handy stove produces long-lasting and stable fires, allowing Belinda to prepare the perfect dinner. It also keeps the trailer free of lampblack. Admiring the beautiful lake landscape and tasting delicious bites, they are relieved of all the fatigue. Awakened early in the morning by the chirping of birds, they continue their journey north to Lake Jackson where dense pine forests dominate rather than dwarf grasses. After putting on their hiking gear, they begin an alpine hike with Leo. The trail is lined with lush pine trees inhabited by cute squirrels and various birds. Snow-capped peaks are visible in the distance. Each step reveals a unique spectacle. Two miles to the east is the famous Oxbow Bend, one of the best wildlife viewing spots. Mount Moran and its tight bends are indeed a wonder of nature. Through binoculars you can see moose, Father David’s deer, sandhill cranes and other birds roaming the wet lowlands.


There is nothing more comfortable than a hot shower in the trailer after a hike. They turn on the instantaneous water heater to wash away their fatigue. Their outdoor water supplies are guaranteed by the 64 L water purification tank, the oversized 240 L water purification tank, the 100 L gray water tank and the black water tank. of 100 L. Drinking a cold bottle of beer, he sits down next to Belinda. They listen to the soothing music played by the car radio, admiring the beautiful mountains and forests at dusk. Eddie is truly grateful to Belinda for keeping him company on this trip, and he also appreciates the Black Series HQ19 for giving them a comfortable place to live outdoors. They are now planning their next amazing trip.

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