GreenA Consultants: Farizan d’Avezac De Moran makes the green city one building at a time


From Africa to China to Southeast Asia to Singapore, the 52-year-old has spent the second half of her career greening one building at a time. From airports and seaports, to offices, schools, shopping centers and homes, it has helped shape a new generation of sustainable buildings that conserve energy, water and other materials. Its vision: the cities of the future with low, zero or positive energy.


“This planet is our home. It gives us life and sustains everything around us, from weather to people. It is natural to care about sustainability,” said Farizan.

“When it comes to the building industry, there are so many things we can do, from innovation to design, that are not only more sustainable, but will have a positive impact on the way we live and feel. I don’t understand why we don’t take a deeper look,” she said.

Sustainable buildings may sound rather technical, but to cut through all the jargon, they simply refer to more environmentally friendly and resource efficient designs.

They can harness solar energy, reuse rainwater, optimize daylighting and natural ventilation, or showcase high-tech innovations such as energy-efficient thermosyphon cooling beams instead of air conditioning, or l intelligence and machine learning for greater efficiency.


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