Henry Shaw Obituary (1954 – 2022) – Austin, TX

Henry ‘Bud’ Wilson Shaw died on Wednesday, February 2, 2022 in Austin, Texas at the age of 68. Bud was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the third of five sons of Harry Murray Shaw and Margaret Ann Shaw.

Bud’s father, Harry, had a passion for work that is familiar to those of us who knew Bud well. This took their growing family all over the United States from Minneapolis, MN (where Bud was born), to Vancouver, WA, Wichita, KS, Seattle, WA and Houston, TX where Bud graduated from high school.

From an early age, Bud had a passion for “electronics” which he shared with his father, Harry. When Bud was in high school, the Shaw family owned a control panel from the movie “Lost in Space.” He would disappear in his closet for days – taking the panel apart and reconfiguring it to display all sorts of different lights and sounds. An inquisitive mind, Bud was always on the lookout for the latest technology and loved helping his family by solving technical problems any time of the day or night.

After graduating from Westbury High School (Houston, TX) in 1972, Bud was accepted to the University of Houston where he earned a bachelor’s degree in hotel and restaurant management in 1979. While at the U of H, Bud was the President of Sigma Chi and Inter-Brotherhood Council Chairman, later becoming Chairman of the Inter-Brotherhood Council of the Midwest. During his senior year, Bud was recognized as one of the “top ten students on campus” at the U of H.

After graduation, he spent his career in the restaurant industry, gaining expertise in IT and operations management roles, including at Whataburger (1983-2003), Backyard Burgers (2003 -2011), Blake’s Lottaburger (2011-2017), and finally at Hat Ruisseau (2017-2022). Bud really loved his job. Always ready to respond to an after hours call from a peer who needed his help or advice. Bud attributes much of his professional accomplishments to the wonderful people he has worked with over the years. Noting in particular the sound advice he received from his friends Charles Long and Shelby Dobson.

While at the University of Houston, he met the love of his life, Miriam McLaughin. He first noticed her on campus during his visits to the dean’s office (where he worked); it took a few weeks, but soon enough they became inseparable. They were married on August 18, 1979, at Crosby Catholic Church in Crosby, TX. In August, they would have celebrated their 43rd birthday. Then Bud and Miriam set about raising their two rambunctious children, Matthew and Elizabeth.

Bud and his son Matt shared a love of business – sparked by years of playing Railroad Tycoon together on the old IBM 486 late into the night. Matt cites this as one of his fondest memories of his time with Bud. “Dad popped up” everywhere in her son Matt’s life except for sports – that was of course Miriam’s forte. Later, as Matt began to navigate his own career, Bud shared this sage advice with his son, “Matt, you are a man of your own beliefs” – one of the many foundational pieces of advice that Matt has always treasured.

Bud loved a good pooch or a little baby to cuddle and his daughter Beth gave him ample opportunity to show his love for both. Shortly after picking up her new dachshund, high school daughter Beth Abby drove to a friend’s birthday party, leaving Bud “alone” to care for the new dog for a few hours. When Beth returned home later that evening, she found Abby curled up on Bud’s shoulder (the best place for grandkids, too, it turns out!). “Beth’s dog” was now Bud’s. Likewise, after the birth of Eamon, Beth’s son, during a visit to the hospital, Bud was quickly able to step up and provide his leading cuddling services to his grandchild – holding Eamon” for hours” while Beth rested. In truth, he would have held all of his grandchildren and grand puppies for days on end because he shared love in abundance, and whatever his children loved, he loved with all his heart.

Bud’s loyalty and dedication to others is evidenced by the decades-long friendships he cherished and the adventures he shared with many people. Bud and Miriam shared a passion for cruising, often with their good friends Michael and Mari Cuevas. While on a cruise in Alaska, Michael, Mari, Bud and Miriam boarded a canoe. Bud booked the excursion very aware of the “expectations” of paddling, but the other three were less prepared. Faced with the challenge, they collectively went to work and paddled furiously in an attempt to progress through the current. Shortly after, their guide “rescued” them and started the engine to speed them to shore. A big relief and laugh for all four!

Bud was happiest when he was surrounded by friends and family, especially if he cooked the meal and shared it. The consummate host, Bud loved his Christmas in Houston with his extended family – welcoming over 30 family members into their home. Every moment of preparing and hosting these Christmases was one of her fondest memories.

A kind-hearted, gentle giant, tall, tall storyteller, devoted friend, proud father, best grandchild holder and devoted husband, Bud will be deeply missed.

Bud is predeceased by his parents Harry Shaw and Margaret Shaw, and his brother Tim Shaw. He is survived by his beloved wife, Miriam Shaw; son Matthew and daughter-in-law Sarah of Austin, Texas, their sons Oliver and Jacob Shaw; his daughter Elizabeth and son-in-law Colin of San Antonio, Texas, and their daughter Margaret and son Eamon McCurry.

In lieu of flowers, please consider making a donation to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central New Mexico, where Bud served as Big Brother for several years before being recognized as Big Brother of the Year.

Published by Harrell Funeral Home of Austin from February 8 to February 9, 2022.


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