Here’s how many days you’ll need to see the best of Jasper National Park


One of the toughest choices for any traveler is how much time is enough to fully enjoy a location. With a destination like Jasper National Park, travelers don’t want to come away with regrets.

Jasper National Park is a beautiful place with so many adventures to choose from. Here’s a breakdown of what the park has to offer and how much time travelers should spend there.

What to know before visiting Jasper National Park

Jasper National Park is located in the Canadian Rockies and spans over 11,000 square kilometers. It is the largest park in the Canadian Rockies and is also part of the UNESCO Canadian Rockies Parks Heritage Sites.

Travelers to Jasper National Park can enjoy its five spectacular regions and extensive trail network while immersing themselves in nature. Whatever the season, there is something spectacular to discover here.

Allow at least two days for their multi-day and full-day treks

Jasper National Park offers a variety of day and multi-day hikes. They are fully guided and there are a variety of choices, so hikers of all skill levels can find a hike that suits them.

Day hikes range from those with minimal elevation gain to full-day hikes to the summit over difficult terrain. Whatever the hiker’s preference, they will be able to discover the nature and the superb views of the park.

Multi-day hikes range from simple overnight hikes to more rigorous five-day adventures. These hikes are always accompanied by experienced guides who will ensure that hikers get the most out of them and have a positive experience.

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Two days for rock climbing and canyoning are ideal

Jasper National Park not only offers excellent hiking, but also excellent rock climbing and canyoning opportunities. Whether travelers prefer to scale steep rock faces or descend into mountain gorges and valleys, Jasper Park has a bit of everything.

For travelers less familiar with canyoning, it’s the art of descending steep-sided gorges and deep mountain valleys using ropes and other devices. It usually also involves jumping, scrambling, sliding and even wading, so it’s not the easiest of activities.

At least three days split between rafting, kayaking, or hot spring soaking

Jasper National Park is not only a place for hiking, it is also home to many streams and even hot springs. There are many rivers in the park and with them a variety of options to enjoy them. Local guides are available to guide travelers through options that are both fun and exciting.

For those looking for a bit of relaxation, Miette Hot Springs with its 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees F) water make it an ideal destination to soak. There are no better destinations after days of rigorous adventures.

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Whitewater raft trip on the Sunwapta River

Named after the Stoney Indian term “Sunwapta” meaning “turbulent river”, the Sunwapta River deserves its namesake. Numerous rapids shift the steep slope of this river, turning it into a roller coaster river. As long as travelers weigh over 90 pounds (41 kg), they can participate in this adventure.

  • What they provide – Licensed raft guides, self-draining rafts, paddles, wetsuits, booties, paddle jackets, life jackets and helmets (if applicable).
  • what to wear – A bathing suit or shorts under a casual outfit is preferable. Clothes worn under wetsuits get wet, so bring a towel and warm clothes for afterward.
  • Contact – (844) 808-7177
  • Reservation Link

Scenic Family Boat Tour

For a low-energy adventure, the scenic family float trip on the Athabasca River is the right choice. The Athabasca River is a designated Canadian Heritage River and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It also has historical significance as it was used by “fur traders” more than two centuries earlier. Travelers won’t need to paddle either, guides will take care of that while travelers will keep their eyes peeled for elk, deer, moose, coyotes, wolves, eagles, osprey, mountain sheep and bears.

  • Contact – (780) 852-2665
  • Reservation Link

Guided tours and private family canoe adventure

For travelers who don’t mind paddling, the Pyramid Lake Canoe Adventure Tour is a great choice. This choice is ideal for small-group adventures that want to make their way through the waterways in hopes of spotting wildlife. Lucky travelers may spot osprey, loons, muskrats and beavers, moose, bears, elk, deer and wolves!

  • Contact – (780) 931-3662
  • Reservation Link

Miette Hot Springs

These hot springs are one of the park’s most iconic locations and no traveler’s adventure in the area would be complete without a dip in the Miette Hot Springs. This is a great experience for visitors of all ages and great for recovering from many other adventures travelers can take on.

  • Contact Link
  • Adult (18-64) – $7.75
  • Youth (3-17) – $6.75
  • Child (Under 3 years old) – Free
  • Senior (65+) – $6.75
  • Family – $24.75
  • Extra youth – $5.00

So how many days are needed to see the best of Jasper National Park?

Travelers should allow at least a week to visit Jasper National Park. For travelers who are avid hikers and may want to attempt several multi-day treks, the number jumps to almost ten days and potentially even two weeks. However, not everyone has two weeks to spend on an adventure, so the minimum to truly enjoy Jasper National Park is one week.

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