How to Unlock Every Secret Car in Hot Wheels Unleashed


Wondering how to unlock secret cars in Hot Wheels Unleashed? This guide has you covered.

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Hot Wheels Unleashed is an arcade racing game that features the iconic Hot Wheels Vehicles it’s up to you to play on the many unique racing tracks and compete against the other cars. You will be able to play many races of different types, where you will have to use the best car for each challenge. For this you will need to unlock more advanced cars.

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There are many unlockable vehicles in the game, as well as some Secret cars which you can unlock after completing certain challenges. This guide will teach you what missions and races you need to complete to get the secret cars.

Secret cars in Hot Wheels Unleashed

There are in total FIVE secret cars which you can unlock in Hot Wheels Unleashed after completing missions and challenges. The method to unlock the secret cars is related to the different game modes, such as Time Trials, Quick Races, Boss Races and Secret Missions. When you enter the single player mode called city ​​rumbleyou will see these four objectives at the top right of the screen.


You will need to complete all events in each of the game modes above and be victorious among other racers. Below is a brief description of all secret cars and how to unlock them:

duck n’ roll

As you can guess from the name, it is a car-shaped duck, which gives you maximum speed and acceleration on the racing track.

To unlock the Duck N’ Roll, you must win it all 52 Quick Race mode events.

Hi-Po Carrier

Hi-Po Hauler is a modified version of the Ford Econoline Pickup Truck, which is featured in the game as a secret car. It provides maximum acceleration and braking power.

When you beat the 32 events against the clock, you will automatically get the Hi-Po Hauler car as a reward.

Ramblin Demolisher

Ramblin’ Wrecker is a tow truck featured in the game as a secret car with decent stats. After finishing all FIVE boss runs in the game you will get the car.

Boss Races are unique from other game modes where you face tougher tracks and opponents.

Oldsmobile 442

Oldsmobile 442 is a classic muscle car that you can unlock in Hot Wheels Unleashed after completing NINE Secrets Uncovered. The secret missions are:

Secret missions How to complete
Can you keep a secret? Complete the final event of the Boss races.
Secret Complete the first four Boss races.
hidden from sight End the Jurassic Predator Boss Race.
Mostly hidden Complete it Snow driver boss race.
Secret unveiled Complete it Reckless Driving Event using the Bone Shaker car.
Surprise! Fill in any a of the 52 quick runs.
Don’t tell anyone Play the first race of the campaign with the Hot Wheels High Bus and earn it to complete the secret.
Top secret Win the Best Race event with the Buns of steel Hot wheel car.
Unsolved mystery Complete it Incredible pilots event race with Motosaurus.

Volkswagen Beach Bomb

This is the last Hot Wheels vehicle you will unlock in the game after completing each Quick Race, Time Trial, Boss Race & Secret Mission in the countryside.

Volkswagen Beach Bomb is one of the rarest Hot Wheels in existence, which you will get after completing 100% of the campaign mode.

These are all the secret cars you can unlock in the Hot Wheels Unleashed racing game.

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