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Manitoulin Mountain Bike Opportunity!

McLean’s Park Mountain Bike Club has released the 2022 calendar to a group of voracious young cyclists eager to meet other like-minded single-trackers. The McLean’s Park lesson and race series is open to young people aged 12-18 who want to learn or perfect their two-wheeling skills. There is no cost and just a helmet is mandatory.

The schedule includes dates for the following Sunday at an amazing location for Manitoulin mountain bikers on New England Road, just off Highway 6, just north of Tehkummah. (May 15 and 29 then June 12 and 26. July dates are not yet known.)

The organization will also provide trips, racing opportunities: such as the Bush Pig race on the Walden Trails on Tuesday evening June 7 as well as the O-Cup race on July 24 in Hardwood Hills, near Barrie. Youth will have the opportunity to race and watch the National Championship competition.

If you have any questions about this generous offer, please contact Breakaway Sports and Cycle or email them at:

[email protected]

Body Stories dance classes this spring

We just finished a great mini spring dance session. One of the highlights of this session is that we have added adult jazz classes to our schedule, which will continue in May in Manitowaning. We also had a dance shoot in early March with J. Casson Photos and students Gabriel Whalen, Emma Orme, Brinley Middaugh, Poppy Maranger, Cordelia Mclean, Livvy Burnett, Bella Ferguson-Van Horne, Alina Lefebvre and Alyanna Lefebvre.

Currently, registrations are open for our last dance session of the school year. Classes begin the first week of May in Mindemoya, Little Current and Manitowaning and last four weeks. What’s even more special about this session is that it will culminate with a public performance by all children and youth students on Saturday, May 28 at Assiginack Arena. Full details can be found on their new website: or even by email or phone with questions.

Who is your kickstarter? !

You know the gender. Those friends who are always ready for something. These good-for-nothings who go out of their way to get you out of your acquired semi-sedentary lifestyle. I’ve had a few over the years, but two constants have been Al and Mike (I didn’t change their names to protect the innocent). On the mornings when I would usually catch up on my restful sleep, these triggers ruin it.

Recently Mike (I still call him) suggested that we recreate our barely annual canoe trip from our teenage years. Back then, for a few consecutive years, a less than long canoe trip was made from downtown Mindemoya to Lake Mindemoya via Hare Creek. The creek could not normally be reached without the annual spring freshet that crosses the city from Big Lake. This fleeting connection to the lake is a moving target for that to happen. Some years you may only have a few days to get enough water to float us downriver to the takeout after Brookwood Brae Golf Course.

Thanks to our wet weather lately, Mike figured last week was the time. Al was of no help to me and made sure he was up for the adventure and infuriatingly provided canoes and transportation. There would be no backing down, without harsh taunts on social media. I was engaged, or I should be. Our friend Brent was also roped in and even agreed to travel from Espanola for the pageant. Monday after work was fixed. We got to the put-in and the river was angry! Madder than my couch, of course, and within five minutes we were all soaked. However, for the next 30 minutes we had a blast and were at the lake before we knew it.

It was a scenic paddle, marred only by a sadly littered stream. There was all kinds of rubbish washed up around the edges of this beautiful stretch of property. After leading numerous trash cleanups on the creek path through Wagg’s Park, I was surprised this part was in such a bad shape. It seemed like all the cans and fast food containers that had been dumped in the large downtown area of ​​Mindemoya over the past year had ended up there.

The mess was sad, but of course it was no game being hoisted up from the comfort of my home to get wet from head to toe. Invaluable. It was the kind of experience that had longtime friends talking about getting together more often than a 40-year cycle. Who are you kickstarters? Can you be someone’s kickstarter? If you need a door start, take that call when it comes and buy it. I can’t beat the memories.

Good sport is good for sport.
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