ICF to join United Nations Environment Program


SAN DIEGO, Calif .– The International Canoe Federation is proud to announce that it will accede to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) as part of its comprehensive strategy to positively impact the environment. An ICF board meeting voted unanimously this week to join the UNFCCC, expressing support for the global agenda that aims to boost climate action in the sports community.

Newly elected ICF President Thomas Konietzko said the international paddling community is witnessing the impact humans have on the environment and is determined to play its part in improving the health of the planet.

“All over the world, our family of canoeists are in constant contact with different ecosystems,” Konietzko said. “They are passionate about protecting our waterways, and it is our responsibility as sport leaders to lead by example. We are already working to make our major events carbon neutral. This is only the first step. We owe it to our athletes and to future generations. Joining the UNFCCC is another big step for us, and I am delighted with the full support of our ICF Board of Directors.

The ICF has already set an example by being part of the Paddle for the Planet initiative and as a partner in the IOC / UN Clean Seas project. More recently, the Federation has joined forces with leading international manufacturer of paddle boards, Tribord, to strive to make major events carbon neutral. The long term goal is to make all ICF World Championships carbon positive.

The UNFCCC provides guidance to the world of sport to fight climate change through concrete commitments and partnerships. It applies verified standards to measure, reduce and report greenhouse gas emissions.

About the International Canoe Federation

The International Canoe Federation is responsible for the world sport of canoeing and has 167 affiliated national associations and 13 disciplines – Sprint, Slalom, Paracanoe, Wildwater, Marathon, Canoe Polo, Freestyle, Ocean Racing, Dragon Boat, SUP, Rafting, WaveSki and Canoe Sail. Canoeing has two Olympic disciplines, with sprinting introduced at the Berlin Olympics in 1936 and slalom at the 1972 Olympics in Munich; Canoeing also made its Rio 2016 Paralympic Games debut with Paracanoe. Learn more about the International Canoe Federation at canoeicf.com


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