Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon & More ‘Morning Show’ Stars Discuss Emotional Season 2 Finale


WARNING: This article contains spoilers for The Morning Show Season Two Finale.

The cast of The morning show are preparing the season 2 finale!

In an interview with THR published on Monday, November 22, Jennifer aniston, Reese witherspoon and others shared their thoughts on what happened in the season finale, as well as what they thought could happen in season 3.

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JenniferAlex’s character faced a number of tribulations throughout Season 2 as a result of his co-host Mitch (Steve carell) being exposed as a sexual predator. She publicly acknowledged her own complicity in her behavior, divorced, faced an “annulment” and ultimately mourned Mitch’s death.

“It was relentless! Honestly, I thought that at one point the writers were trying to kill me! the actress joked at the exit. “I was like, ‘Oh my God. Guys! It’s literally crawling to the finish line here. “

Alex also contracted COVID-19 while traveling to Italy to see Mitch, what a showrunner Kerry Ehrin said symbolized his journey during the season.

“The fever for me was almost representative of a fire that burned her, and she comes out of it like a phoenix with a better sense of her real self and who she wants to be,” she explained. .

Jennifer went on to say that Mitch’s death created an opportunity for Alex to hold himself accountable.

“I think by the time she hears the news, the bottom drops and that’s it,” she said. “She realizes, ‘I don’t want the [Morning Show] OK. I don’t want to be that. She sort of goes to all the ghosts from the past to make amends and is almost coming to terms with saying, “I can’t. That’s it. It’s a wrap.

“It’s a representation of what happens to a person who is down and that kind of surrender because your body is so sick, where there is no filter and there is only the truth,” she said of Alex’s final broadcast. “She’s hit: Fk it. And doesn’t give a fuck what people think. She’s spent all season trying to plug all the holes in the canoe so she can’t be discovered, that desperation. But now she says without apologizing: this is who I am, this is what I am.

“Alex is embarking on a very important journey where she asks herself: is she still relevant? She was so scared of Maggie’s book, like it was going to really hurt her existence. She was a very fearful person at the start of the season and she’s really going on a journey of self-discovery and huge changes and really looking at herself in that mirror, ”said the executive producer. Mimi Leder added. “For the ending sequence, we wanted it to sound more like a prayer than a statement. That it was Alex who said: This is what I hope, this is what I wish; that’s what I want it to be. We really wanted it to be singular with her, alone, to be somehow raw, naked and exposed. To be like a prayer.

The second season also found Reese witherspoonBradley’s character struggling to find his missing brother, forcing him to lean on Cory (Billy Crudup) for help despite the one-season romance she had with Laura (Julianna Margulies) the previous season.

“I’m really interested in their love triangle between Laura and Cory, the complexity of the chemistry she has with Cory,” Reese noted. “But, again, this is someone that she works with, so I’m really curious about how this all goes. I think we’re all hard on ourselves and it’s a character that comes from a pretty complicated past that she still hasn’t really reconciled. Her relationship with her brother is really complex and I’m really interested in the next step with her and her brother because it’s such a big part of her life. Your siblings can really define you and help or torpedo you.

Julienne added that Laura was a woman “so comfortable and calm, that you want Bradley to find refuge” and describing their relationship as a “refuge”.

“I don’t know where it’s going to go, but I really love their relationship and I think even the little bit you’ve seen will change Bradley whether Bradley is with her or not,” she said.

Bowl said he wasn’t sure the character’s confession to Bradley at the end of the season would mean.

“It was such a shocking moment for Cory to realize that [he loves Bradley]”The actor said.” When he told Bradley that I think it’s really a discovery. Whether it happened to him just then or the day before, it wasn’t something that he had been sitting for four months [the timeline of seasons one and two]. “

“He’s been a keeper in a way. What really worried him was the well-being of this precious person for him and to be able to express that it was also he who was in love with her, that would have been impossible until this moment ”, he said. he continued. “I don’t think that was the motivation for him to try and undermine his relationship with Laura, but I [also] I don’t know what kind of potential there is in the future [with Cory and Bradley]. “

He also discussed the failed UBA + streamer launch and its professional impact on Cory.

“I’ve been playing him as a ruthless player for a few years so I would be disappointed if we didn’t continue like this. ” Bowl noted. “One thing about this kind of person is that they’re ready to go into these hostile environments because they’re ready to take a punch. And he better get his ass banged so that maybe they can reveal the depths of his real strength.

UBA President Stella Bak (Greta lee) is also loaded with a number of challenges throughout Season 2.

“There is an endless amount of drama because it’s a workplace drama, that’s the magic of it” Greta said of his hope of returning “as a boss”. She also added, “It feels like a sporting event to be on this show, which is required of you in terms of pace and endurance. And it was a real joy to be able to step in and play ball with these guys.

Kerry Ehrin said that while the team behind the series await the renewal of season three, they have not factored it into their approach to the finale.

“You can’t write every year as a possible series finale and give them value after a certain point. We wanted to write about the time, those three months, and the characters back then and how they all ended. So, no, I don’t think it’s written as an end to the show at all, ”she explained.

She teased a possible third season, “You could [jump into the future]. You could go back. It’s such an interesting little universe. You can really put it anywhere in time, and I think the show’s challenge is to find that great topic. “

Reese also said she imagines the third season will be post-COVID.

“If #MeToo was the focus of season one and season two has so many issues but really tackles the looming pandemic, I’d like to see how the world realigns itself after quarantine,” she says. “Even though it seems optimistic to say at this point, people are still grappling with the complexity of COVID and really what it is doing to different industries. But just, how the whole world has changed culturally in so many ways; the way we communicate and work, the way we talk to each other – there is certainly a lot to say and talk about.

Kerry discussed possible storylines for Season 3 in another interview last week.


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