Karting, trekking and the things you will do in Rwanda



Rwanda is a great place for anyone looking for a refreshing vacation. The country is open to visitors and maintains a strict health policy on Covid-19, which includes continuous vaccination and testing for nationals, and frequent testing for visitors and travelers.

Many events are scheduled this season. Here are a few things to do:

Karting and cycling

Go-kart racing is a dynamic and fun sport that is adopted in Rwanda. Hosted in Kigali, the sport offers a unique experience for adventure enthusiasts.

Beyond the annual cycling events organized by the country, Kigali offers cycling activities on its beautiful hilly terrain. There are many bicycle rental companies.

Galleries and historical sites


For art lovers, Kigali is home to several art centers, galleries and museums. The Rwanda Art Museum in Kanombe houses historic and modern African art. Other places to visit are Inema Art Center, Indiba Art Space, Envision Art Gallery, NP Art Gallery, Kuuru Art Space, Inganzo Art Gallery, Conceptual Art Studio and Iteme Art Center. These are all vibrant spaces featuring works like paintings, sculptures, and art exhibits. Some offer painting sessions and lessons.

Art enthusiasts at an exhibition in Kigali, Rwanda. PHOTO | ANDREW I. KAZIBWE

For those who wish to learn more about the history of Rwanda, the country has eight national museums. These include the Ethnographic Museum, the King’s Palace Museum (Rukali) in Nyanza District and the Environment Museum in Karongi District.

Wildlife and parks

Rwanda’s game reserves and wildlife sanctuaries constitute a unique natural heritage and offer an excellent escape to any traveler. Nyungwe and Akagera National Parks are home to buffaloes, rhinos, lions, leopards, elephants and white rhinos.

Trekking, view and bird watching

A vast hilly terrain captures the view and soothes the soul. The most important highlands include Karisimbi, Sabyinyo and the 3,473m Mount Gahinga which borders Uganda. Sightseeing tours can be combined with mountain hikes. The Kamiranzovu waterfall is also spectacular.

The Karongi district offers a magnificent view of the mountainous landscapes and the shores of Lake Kivu. One can also undertake a gorilla trekking expedition to the Volcanoes National Park.


A boat trip on Muhazi and Ihema lakes in Rwamagana district in the eastern province can be combined with sightseeing and fishing. Lake Kivu is another fun getaway for the sight and the soul. Make a point of tasting the mouth-watering Isambaza fish and take a motorboat or canoe ride to historic sites like the Island of Peace (Akarwa k’Amahoro), Mpembe Island and Île aux Birds (Akarwa k’inyoni).


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