Low river levels hurt water sports businesses


COLLINSVILLE, CT (WFSB) – With low rainfall and weak rivers, many paddle sports businesses have suffered.

The water in the Farmington River in Collinsville is very low.

It’s the busiest season for water sports and many of these businesses are thriving on higher waters, but not this year.

For Collinsville Canoe and Kayak, the first half of this summer has been tough.

A few weeks ago a hydroelectric dam was installed in the Farmington River where they are paddling. They said it saved life in their area.

Unfortunately, not all companies were so lucky. This permanently raised their water 3 to 4 feet.

Before the dam was installed, they said much of their equipment was damaged and broken due to the rocks and the low level of the river.

They weren’t getting their usual influx of customers and they’re hoping we’ll get some relief soon with a good amount of rain.

“Last year July was crazy flooding to the point where we couldn’t rent. Now this summer has been very low luckily they were working on the hydroelectric dam and until they finished we We were hurting and it was really hard to rent, but now that they’ve completed the dam, we have more water than we’ve had in years at a safe level,” said Jack Warner of Collinsville Canoe & Kayak.


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