McGregor aims for gold at upcoming World Championships in Romania


Hank McGregor of Salt Rock will compete in the unprecedented Canoe Kayak Marathon World Championships in Romania next week (September 30 – October 3).

McGregor, one of the most successful competitors in world championship history, has already won 7 gold medals in K1 (individual) and 4 in K2 (team) in the past 18 years.

His dominance has defied the passage of time, winning his first title in 2003 and his most recent in 2019.

“I can’t wait to be on the water again at the world championships. I felt like I had a good competition in 2019 so it was sad to miss last year which was postponed due to Covid, ”he said.

McGregor will compete for 2 more titles this year, running K2 with Hamish Lovemore and K1.

“Hamish is a very strong young paddler. We train together a lot so I think we understand each other well and we should do a good performance. “

McGregor, now 43, continues to be one of the best paddlers in the world, showing a singular will and determination to keep winning.

“Sometimes I feel like… is it worth doing this to my body?” But then I get back on the water and remember doing it because I love the sport. Age is just a number and if I feel good and competitive I see no reason to stop.

In preparation for the event, McGregor competed in the Liebenbergsvlei Canoe Marathon, which doubled the South African Championship title from the K1 River. He won in 4:40:56, beating 2 promising U23 paddlers, Siseko Ntondini and Thando Ngamlana.

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