My Take: Home Workforce Downsizing Has Its Ups and Downs | Opinion


The geese love the way around the lake as much as we do. So much so that a walk on the path gives a whole new meaning to the term “no goose”.

In fact, we hardly need to go outside to exercise. At home, we had to face a staircase to get from our bedroom to the kitchen. Here there is no staircase, but it is a tenth of a mile from our apartment to the dining room and another tenth back on a zigzag slalom course on which we were tempted to draw flames. with magic felt.

We don’t like paint fumes so we requested that the paint just be touched up. We discovered by chance that our apartment had to be furnished with new appliances. They took our request to mean we didn’t want new devices. “On the contrary. Please give us new ones.

A three-day scramble for installations followed, with flying polystyrene foam, scratched paint and inoperative devices. When they offered to change the dishwasher because they mistakenly gave us stainless steel instead of white, we said, “No, no, please don’t worry. not “.

Then came the second new fridge that didn’t work, then a replacement that didn’t go through the door. Finally, around 10:30 p.m. on Saturday night, a technician saint, who had been called from his lakeside home, discovered that the doorknobs had to be removed to let him pass through the door to our hallway.


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