Nikki Birkett overcomes nasty injury to start Pete Marlin


When the prize for the singles race at Pete marlin The weekend of October 30 and 31 was released on Thursday, it confirmed the remarkable recovery from injury of east London paddler Nikki Birkett.

Birkett severely cut her fingers on her left hand during a Keith’s Flyover swim ahead of the recent Fish River Canoe Marathon, requiring sixteen stitches and ending her run with Jade Wilson.

With just three weeks before her surfski hometown of Birkett trains on her static bike and hopes the damaged tendons heal, most agreeing the accident would put her on the sidelines of Pete Marlin.

Nikki Birkett sewn up and ready for action

This week, the tenacious paddler tested her hand after removing the stitches and felt she was well enough to allow her to run next weekend.

Left hand injured in Keith’s fast Flyover crash prior to the Fish River Canoe Marathon which cast doubt on Nikki Birkett’s participation in the Dischem Pete Marlin surfski races. Media provided / game plan

Birkett also pulled off a major blow by winning new world champion Michelle Burn as the partner for the double ski race.

“It took a while to heal, and the stitches didn’t close in a few places, and I couldn’t regain the sensation from the damage to some nerves,” the Team Epic star explained. Euro Steel.

“The good news is that it doesn’t affect my paddle grip, and I tested the hand in our recent time trial and came away very satisfied. I actually got a PB for this time trial, ”she said.

“Maybe the time when I was forced to rest a bit and train on my bike is going well,” she added.

Nikki Birkett winning the recent Scottburgh Marathon in Brighton. Birkett recovered from her hand injury so she could take her place in the women’s peloton of the Dischem Pete Marlin Surfski Race over the weekend of October 30-31 in east London. Anthony Grote / Gameplan Media

Birkett has had an exceptional year, winning an exciting women’s Berg River Canoe Marathon title in August, tying the top step of the podium of her husband Andy in a rare feat, and was impressive in winning the Scottburgh Ultra Marathon in Brighton Surfskiing in June, finishing an impressive eighteenth overall.

“I’m so excited just to be able to paddle,” she said. “We were all looking forward to the Pete Marlin and the injury to my hand couldn’t have come at a worse time.

“I am delighted that she has recovered well enough that I can take my place on the beach for the start, and the doubles race with Michelle (Burn) will be very special for me,” she added.


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