Nogent-le-Rotrou. The kayak ; an unknown sport that you think you know

Christian Hardy, president of the <a class=canoe-kayak club of Nogent-le-Rotrou, confides in his sporting activity.” width=”960″ src=”data:image/svg+xml,%3Csvg%20xmlns=” http:=”” loading=”lazy” data-lazy-src=”×622.jpg”/>
Christian Hardy, president of the canoe-kayak club of Nogent-le-Rotrou, confides in his sporting activity. © DR

Sarthe, Orne, Rouvre, Laïta, Avene, Loir

Christian Hardyclub president canoe-kayak in Nogent-le-Rotrou (Eure-et-Loir) since 2001 and seasoned kayakerhas already practiced this sporting activity in all these rivers.

A passion on which he agreed to confide August 2022.

A discovery during the holidays

Canoe Kayak, he discovered this sport when he was in summer camp.

I was 14 when I was offered to do it. Until I was 17, I practiced it every time I went to camp.

Christian Hardy

He took up the torch in 2001

And even if he could not do it regularly afterwards because of his very demanding job (professional firefighter), this passion never left him.

So in 2001, when the club’s former president threw in the towel, Christian Hardy has taken up the torch.

A remarkable story

In 21 years of presidency, the canoe-kayak enthusiast has worked with more than a hundred members and several thousand tenants.

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Some anecdotes also marked him.

” A year, we planned an outing with several men and women. When a woman fell in the water, she started screaming. Looking back, I quickly understood why. All dressed in white and wet from head to toe, you could see everything…”, he recalls.

A sport that hides many secrets

If this athlete of a certain age deplores the lack of attendance of some of his licensees, he deplores above all the fact that everyone thinks they know this activity… which is not always or really the case.

As such, he evokes for example the descent of rivers…

You can go down and up a stream

Some of them flow directly into the sea. From the Channel side or the Atlantic Ocean, depending on the tide, you can descend the river, but also ascend it.

Christian Hardy

And a lot of people don’t know that. “It’s very interesting, because you can see the river both ways and discover aspects that we have overlooked along the way. »

A river that keeps changing

He also makes a point of specifying that even if he frequents the Huisne river regularly, this one knows permanent changes. » With the floods, every year there are changes ; things are moving. The bottom of rivers is constantly forming and deforming. »

All rivers are different

And don’t go don’t believe that all rivers are the same. This is not the case ! “But their differences make them interesting. »

Christian Hardy adds: “The Huisne, unlike other rivers, is not not the most technical river but it has small sympathetic spots which allow however to work on some technical aspects »

There was even a marathon

We organized a good marathon in the past. But the part of Remalard was quickly crowdedwhich prevented us from planning other competitions of this magnitude.

A river self-fed by the limestone basin

What could worry the kayaker is global warming. But he has something to say about it.

When I sail on the Huisne, I don’t realize it. Yes, we are in a drought period, but the drop in water level is ordinary.

Christian Hardy

Especially since this river is self-supplied by the limestone basin!

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