Ohio River Way will hold the summit on November 15 in Lawrenceburg


The Ohio River Way is partnering with the Ohio River Sanitation Commission to co-host the second annual Ohio River Way Summit on Tuesday, November 15 at Ivy Tech Community College in Lawrenceburg, Ind.

The summit presents a unique opportunity for communities along the Ohio River, from Portsmouth, Ohio to West Point, Kentucky, to network and learn about ways to promote recreation, tourism and economic development. Panel discussions will include conversations with elected officials, tourism executives, financing experts and project managers.

The summit caps a busy year for the Ohio River Way which organized a 250-mile canoe trip from Portsmouth to Louisville, convened a summit for elected officials from more than 30 communities and launched a membership drive to build a sustainable organization.

Portsmouth Mayor Sean Dunne is a member of the summit planning team.

“When I began my term as mayor earlier this year, I announced that connecting our city to others along the Ohio River would be a priority for me. The Ohio River Way helps cities like Portsmouth build relationships with other towns along the Ohio River, and it encourages our residents to enjoy and appreciate the Ohio River Way of Life,” Dunne said.

The Village of New Richmond, Ohio is another proud Ohio River town deeply committed to the work of the Ohio River Way. Village Council member and summit planning team member Mary Allen believes the Ohio River Way creates a tremendous collaborative opportunity for like-minded communities along the Ohio.

“I have been deeply involved in economic development as a Council member for the past nine years. New Richmond’s membership in the Ohio River Way is a unique opportunity for us! And we’ve already seen the impact on our community,” Allen said.

The Ohio Valley Water Sanitation Commission, known as ORANCO, is a compact interstate agency empowered to administer water quality programs for eight member states in the Ohio River watershed. Ohio River. Executive Director Richard Harrison will be one of the keynote speakers at the Summit and believes these types of collaborations help raise awareness of the vital uses of the Ohio River and strengthen communities by bringing them together to share resources and expertise. .

“ORSANCO strives to engage communities in our programs and to encourage the use of our data to empower and educate people of all ages. gap in services between our partner agencies and those who need them,” said Harrison.

ORSACO is committed to protecting the Ohio River for all communities and strives to achieve water quality goals through monitoring programs, policy advocacy, education and awareness activities. .

“Communities in the Ohio River Basin rely on our agency to ensure safe public and industrial water supplies, protect aquatic life and support recreation,” Harrison said.

The Ohio River Way encourages adventure and outdoor recreation while showcasing the historical, cultural and ecological assets of communities along the Ohio, from Portsmouth to West Point. Its website includes information on river towns, annual festivals, water quality, safety, and recreational opportunities. Its digital Ohio guide maps boat ramps, marinas, campgrounds, bike trails, parks and historic points of interest along this 275-mile stretch of Ohio. .

“Our overall goal is to help people recognize the Ohio River as our region’s most valuable natural resource,” said Brewster Rhoads, president of the Ohio River Way. “We hope that every community on the Ohio River will be represented at the summit as well as organizations and agencies committed to promoting Ohio for recreation, tourism, economic development and enjoyment,” Rhoads said.


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