Philip Edward Island in Ontario is a camper’s paradise of surreal beauty


Several days of exploration could be done around Philip Edward Island, a breathtaking landmass of ancient rock just a kilometer from Killarney Provincial Park.

The short kayak or canoe trip from the mainland makes it easy to spend the night on the island, sometimes called Manitoulin’s wild cousin.

Or paddle the 50 kilometers around the island and travel to the collection of nearby small islands for a four or five night expedition full of adventure.

One or the other will make you spend an unforgettable moment.

The south shore is exposed to Georgian Bay and the north shore passes through Collins Inlet, a protective channel originally frequented by First Nations and bordering Point Grondine.

The backdrop of the white La Cloche mountain range and the various pink granite peaks of the water provide a stunning landscape around the island.

Philip Edward Island is also Crown land, so there are no fees or permits required to camp. Pitch your tent wherever you like on the rock slab for a true backcountry camping experience.

Be sure to follow the rules of the area when visiting. Respect social distancing measures by visiting with a small group and picking up your trash to leave the area as beautiful as you found it.


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