Prampram fishermen use gasoline mixed with other oils as a premix fuel


Artisanal fishers in the Lower Prampram Beach area of ​​Ningo-Prampram District have resorted to using super (gasoline) mixed with other oils, including engine oil, as an alternative to pre-mixed fuel.

This is due to the shortage of pre-mixed fuel, which fishermen use to power their fishing boats and canoes.

There has been concern and agitation from fishermen across the country over problems with the supply of pre-mixed fuel to the various landing beaches, on which the National Fisheries Association (NAFAG) said it was engaging authorities.

Nii Tetteh Nartey III, the Chief Fisherman of Prampram, in an interview with Ghana News Agency in Prampram, said that due to the unavailability of pre-mixed fuel, fishermen had no choice but to to rely on other oils to carry out their activities.

Nii Nartey said the supply of premix has been a big challenge for them lately, adding that without the fuel they would not be able to go fishing.

He said that in order to support themselves and their dependents, they spend more on getting alternative fuel, which affects the price of fish in the market.

He explained that in a week, a canoe could use more than one drum, which holds between 60 and 70 gallons of fishing fuel depending on the distance.

“We have over 300 assorted canoes here, each of them can employ between 10 and 18 people depending on their size, the lack of pre-mixed fuel means all those people who have no other means of support will be out of work “, he added.

The chief fisherman therefore pleaded with the government to ensure that pre-mixed fuel is provided in abundance to make the job of fishing easy and attractive for the youngsters.

Addressing other issues, he said dozens of fishermen and trawlers were still engaging in the use of light to fish even though it was illegal and called on authorities to be vigilant in tackling the threat in order to reduce the negative effect on the fishing sector.

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