President Biden writes letter to boy featured in WUSA9 report


The president congratulated 11-year-old Logan Evans on his mission to honor his father after the WUSA9 story.

BURKE, Va. — The look on 11-year-old Logan Evans’ face when the letter arrived was priceless.

“His jaw dropped when he saw he had mail from the White House,” Logan’s mother, Shannon Terranova, said. “It’s not every day that an 11-year-old gets a letter like this in the mailbox.”

The President of the United States wrote to Logan on November 7, the same day WUSA9 reported on Logan’s participation in Operation Deep Blue, a kayaking challenge to raise funds for the United States Forces family. order and soldiers who died in the line of duty.

Logan and his 9-year-old sister, Abagail, lost their father, United States Capitol Police Officer Billy Evans, on April 2, 2021. An 18-year-old force veteran, Evans was murdered by a lone wolf driver who rammed his vehicle into Evans and another Capitol Police officer guarding the north barricade. Officer Evans’ partner survived; Evans did not.

The suspect was shot by police at the scene, and the motive for his attack remains a mystery.

President Biden’s letter to Logan reads:

I heard you kayaked all the way to DC to honor your dad. I hope you know he would be so proud of your hard work and incredible heart began President Joe Biden’s letter.

Keep making your father proud. He will always be rooting for you. And know that Jill and I expected to see a lot more great things from you – you are definitely your father’s son.

Logan and his sister Abagail opened up about the night they received the devastating news in an interview with WUSA9.

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“At first I’m like, you’re like you’re not telling the truth,” Logan recalled telling the group of police officers who told him of his father’s death. “But then, uh, I came downstairs in the middle of the night, mom was watching the news. And then it said so on the news. And then I felt bad telling them they were lying.

“Over time it got a little easier,” Logan said. “But not that much.”

As he spoke, Logan hugged a teddy bear made from one of his father’s old Capitol Police uniforms.

“It says it’s a shirt I wore every time you hold it, I’m here,” Logan said, reading the inscription on the teddy bear’s foot.

Logan said he knew he and his sister must have grown up faster than most kids their age.

“It just happened,” he said. “I just got brave.”

“I kind of feel like it was daddy’s spirit lifting me up and trying to keep me going,” she said.

“So sweet,” Logan’s mom said of the letter. “Speak to the heart of Biden.”

“Words cannot express how much it means to our family that we continue to receive support and words of encouragement throughout the year,” Terranova said. “Logan was incredibly proud to join Operation Deep Blue to honor his father in this way. It is truly an honor and a blessing to receive recognition and empathy for our new family reality after tragedy so drastically changed our path.”

Logan kayaked over 30 miles with Operation Deep Blue over two days, his father’s photo pinned to his life jacket.

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