Pulse Picks: 10 Vacation Places In Ghana To Enjoy The Holidays


Being able to see the end of the year is a big achievement and it’s just good and more relaxing to have a hiding place or a normal site where you can erase all the panic, anxiety and stress that comes with coronavirus.

In Ghana, you get a beautiful hinterland, sunny beaches, rich culture, bustling towns, welcoming locals, and tons of wild animals which you can enjoy to free yourself from all the stress.

For an unforgettable experience, here are some Ghana vacation spots to unwind from all the stress in 2021.

If you want to enjoy nature, get away from noise and stress, then Zaina Lodge is a place to visit.

It offers a wide range of facilities and activities to relax and rejuvenate.

Safari Valley is the first luxury Eco Park Resort located in the Eastern Region. It has accommodation and leisure facilities which provide impressive and relaxing services to the guests.

The lodge is an exceptionally beautiful and unique boutique resort, located approximately 2.5 hours drive from the country’s capital, Accra.

Offering a secure private swimming beach and a restaurant with French-inspired cuisine, the lodge offers you the ultimate getaway for the tranquility, natural beauty and exclusive comfort of the boutique.

The Peduase Valley Resort is a hotel located in Peduase and surrounded by the sights and sounds of nature. With a spa, gym, swimming pool, multi-purpose sports court, restaurant and bars, your stay at Peduase Valley Resort promises to be a beautiful and exciting experience.

With a spa, gym, swimming pool, multi-purpose sports court, restaurant and bars, your stay at your destination will be a great experience.

Cape Three Points is a small peninsula in the western region of Ghana on the Atlantic Ocean. It marks the western end of the Gulf of Guinea. If you wish, you can take a canoe ride to Cape Three Points, the southernmost tip of Ghana.

For a mix of exciting and luxurious experiences, Aqua Safari is one of the best places to visit outside of Accra.

The layout of the Aqua Safari structure’s well-placed masterpieces provides an intimate connection to the raw landscape, incorporating wildlife all the way to Crocodile Island and the beach where you can occasionally spot whales.

Royal Senchi is located along the shores of Lake Volta in Atimpoku, a 1 km drive from Adomi Bridge. All bedrooms are luxurious and elegantly decorated to make guests feel welcome and enjoy their time. The hotel also has access to a lush 35-acre conservation park, home to butterflies and rare birds.

  • Holy Trinity Spa and Health Farms

Holy Trinity Health Farms and Spa is located in Sogakope, along the shore of Lake Volta. It is one of the most popular vacation destinations in Ghana.

It offers a wide range of facilities and activities like spa and boat trips on Lake Volta to relax and restore your lost energy.

The Tang Palace Hotel welcomes its guests with all the comfort and personal attention one would expect from an international hotel. From fresh-cut orchids and impressive chandeliers to immaculately dressed and attentive staff, the Tang Palace Hotel focuses on the details that make its guests unforgettable.

The hotel is located in the residential area of ​​the airport, 2.5 km or 10 minutes from the airport and 6.4 km or 20 minutes from the city center and business center of Accra.

Elimina Bay Resort is a serene resort that is sure to give you a break from the daily hustle and bustle. It is located at Mbofra Akyinim in Elmina; one of the most beautiful places in Ghana.

It offers quality standards that every person would want, from a magnificent panoramic view to professional services. Elmina Bay Resort is a refined place of relaxation with ambience, stunning sea views and fresh air for nature lovers.


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