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“A Color Named Love” by M. Ellery


This picture book is full of love, hugs and just the right words to comfort fears. I like the way Ellery talks about “what if someone leaves”, because it happens and it’s a real fear that children have. This part of the book was so heartwarming to read. I love that it shows a different kind of family dynamic featuring non-monogamous first parents in a picture book.

— Fawn Contreras, Youth Services Clerk, Valley Community Library

“Crazy Rich Asians” by Kevin Kwan

I have to read books before watching the movie, and I’m glad I followed that rule with Kevin Kwan’s “Crazy Rich Asians.” The movie was good, but it was only about a quarter of the book and didn’t offer the same behind-the-scenes insight or the ending with moms and their misfortunes which I found very satisfying. My logical mind wants to hate the amount of money and gossip in this book, not to mention the amount of kerosene used. Then there is classism. But I really loved the story and the gossip. I loved Nick and Rachel and how different they were from the other family members. I love books that share different perspectives, even from people we can’t stand, and Kevin Kwan did a great job showing us each character. I was engrossed in this audiobook and couldn’t stop listening.

— Fawn Contreras, Youth Services Clerk, Valley Community Library

“State of Terror” by Hillary Rodham Clinton and Louise Penny

A modern-day thriller where the new administration chooses a political enemy for the post of Secretary of State. In her new position, Ellen Adams takes on the gruesome task of tracking down the terrorist who detonated bombs in cities across Europe and has now planted 3 nukes in strategic cities across the United States. The hunt takes him across the world to find this man. The plot thickens as she doesn’t know who she can trust. This opens up a whole new conspiracy that undermines his own government.

This book was fast paced and with the help of Ellen’s family and her best friend, Betsy, they were able to track it down, but was it early enough to stop the bombs. For regular readers of Louise Penny, Three Pines and Inspector Gamache come into play.

— Ann Evans, volunteer, Valley Community Library

“This Tender Land” by William Kent Krueger



“This Tender Land” is an adventure story about four orphaned friends who run away from a Native American school in 1932. They steal a canoe together and head for the Mississippi River. They cross paths with interesting and influential strangers. The author’s prose is beautiful and the story is long, but well paced. This book shows us part of the American landscape and the inner landscape of four young travelers on their way.

— Terri Golecki, Vice Chair of the Board, Valley Community Library


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