Royal Artillery Major Jen Price takes on 12 challenges for charity


A British Army officer is set to embark on 12 challenges in 2022, including a ski marathon and climbing South America’s highest peak to support veterans struggling with their mental health.

Major Jen Price, who serves with the Royal Artillery based at Larkhill, raises money for the Veterans Foundation.

She says she’s “super excited” to take on the challenges that span the year but admits it’s also “really overwhelming”.

The 31-year-old’s other activities will include a 125-mile canoe race from Devizes to Westminster, an autonomous cycle from John O’Groats to Land’s End and an ultra-marathon in Jordan.

After climbing Kilmanjaro and the Matterhorn over the year, the ‘Jennevolve’ quest culminates in another ascent in December, when she scales Cierro Aconcagua, the highest peak in South America.

The first challenge will be a 15km ski marathon in Germany on February 5. The first ski race she had planned for Jen was canceled due to Covid but luckily she found another one.

Jen’s decision to take on these challenges was spurred on after she decided to leave the military and she was keen to do something to raise money for a military charity.

Salisbury Diary:

She will leave in August but explains: “With the army, they give you time at the end to figure out what to do with your life. Most people go and get a job, I decided I was going to do something like I like”. going on an adventure and I actually thought why not do something bigger and try to do something for charity. Just go big or go home big.

After watching co-workers and friends struggle with their mental health, especially after leaving the Armed Forces, Jen is passionate about helping those waging an invisible war.

“It’s rare to go through life without experiencing some kind of personal trauma, whether on the battlefield or in your personal life,” she added.

“I strongly believe that trauma shouldn’t define you, but can be harnessed to motivate you in infinitely positive ways, and it’s never too late to get back on track.”

Speaking about how she chose the challenges she would take on, Jen said: “I just wanted to choose things that I had never done before, which would probably take me a lifetime to do if I didn’t. not a bit at a time when I thought I was just going to try to have it all in a year.”

Salisbury Diary:

To prepare for the challenges ahead, Jen has been training hard and will have a team of supporters to help her on this journey.

However, the challenge that worries him the most is actually the canoe race from Devizes to Westminster.

“The one I’m looking forward to is the last one, which is Cierro Aconcagua, who will be great but I’m a little worried about the altitude because I’ve reacted badly to altitude before but we’ll see how it goes, said Jennifer, who served in the military for 10 years after enlisting in 2012. “So the one I dread the most is canoe racing because I’m not really a canoeist.

Salisbury Diary:

She hopes to raise £100,000 for the charity but adds: “It seems so out of reach right now, but I’m going to have to think we’ll get there. I’d be happy even if we raise £10,000 or £20,000.”

“I’m terrified and excited to take on this challenge,” she said. “But I am determined to go all the way to support the Veterans Foundation and fund projects for veterans facing mental health issues.”

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