Shropshire: Friends raise funds for beloved Whitchurch dog


A GROUP of friends in Whitchurch have raised over £9,200 to help pay for surgery on a much-loved seriously ill dog.

Rolo is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier owned by Dailey Wojda and a gig was held at Percy’s Bar in Watergate on Sunday November 20 to help raise money for his treatment fund.

Earlier in the month, Dailey and close friends Becka Cooper, Troye Booker and Alicia Gott took on a kayaking challenge from Ellesmere to Whitchurch to raise money for the much-loved Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

Rolo suffers from a mysterious bone disease that is causing him pain and the money raised will help pay for scans and treatments to find out what the disease is and how to treat it.

Some of the money raised has already been spent on Rolo and Becka said he was happier and more alert, but she said he had problems walking.

She explained: “After Rolo Aid Festival we raised just over £9,200.

“About £6,000 has been spent on the treatment so far but the rest of his money will see him through until after Christmas.

“So we should have a better idea of ​​how his current treatment is going.

“It seems to do him good as he is happier and more alert, but walks are still out of the question as it causes him pain.

“So now it’s a waiting game.”

Becka thanked Percy for his support and added that the money donated for Rolo’s treatment fund would have a huge impact on the dog.

She said: “To Percy’s family, staff and friends, you have been tremendously supportive, donating your time and resources to help.

“There are many more people who have joined this journey, helped, supported and served Rolo.

“Too absolutely everyone who has helped, shared, sponsored and donated so far, thank you.

“Rolo is one step closer to a normal and happy life again thanks to you.”

Becka added that the urgency to raise funds came from Dailey’s relationship with Rolo.

She said: “Rolo has not only been his best friend, but he’s also been like a therapy dog.

“We call Rolo Dailey soulmate because he is.

“Dailey rescued him when he was an underdeveloped, neglected pup, so he’s had him for eight years.

“He walked miles with him until all of this happened.

“Rolo is like a child to Dailey.”


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