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Points Taken – Lawson’s 3-Pit Pythons 1, Casella’s Trash Talkers 3-Baker’s Beauties 1, Awesome Four 3-Gutter Done 1, One and Done 3-Bye 1, Barber’s Lawn Care 4-Amidasa 0, Ball Busters 4-Lucky Strikes 0 , Finney Sports 4-Laniacs 0, Slo Rollers 3-Easy Mark 1, Split Ends 4-Framed 0.

High Scores Bea Holler 450-186, Chuck Leclair 469-162, Dave Glenn 442-154, Leonard Wood 558-222, Tom Weightman 470-174, Denise Goddeau 434-158, Julie Preston 528-246, Doris Martino 407-171, Leona Marsha 437-170, Peggy Passino 442-179, Don Dubuque 421-156, Dawn Adams 401-145, Leeanne Valenze 438-168, Cheryl Henry 389-148, Bill Dutton 554-204.

Next Week’s Schedule 9/14 – Lanes 1 & 2 – Baker’s Beauties vs. Gutter Done, Lanes 3 & 4 – Awesome Four vs. Lawson’s, Lanes 5 & 6 – Pit Pythons vs. Casella’s Trash Talkers, Lanes 7 & 8 – Ball Busters vs. Barber’s Lawn Care, Lanes 9 and 10-One and Done vs. Lucky Strikes, lanes 11 and 12-Amidasa vs. Bye, lanes 13 and 14-Framed vs. Slo Rollers, lanes 15 and 16-Finney Sports vs. Split Ends, lanes 17 and 18 -Laniacs against Easy Mark.

90-Miler Marathon Canoe Team Cruises

SARANAC LAKE — Paul Smith’s College Canoe Marathon Team had a solid three days in the “90-Miler” Adirondack Canoe Classic over the weekend.

They paddle through approximately 90 miles of connected lakes and rivers, with portages/transportation at certain points between the water bodies. With 17 athletes from Paul Smith’s College competing in four different classes, the Bobcats took first place in all four races.

The Bobcats were led by the C7 Voyageur “War Canoe” which took first place overall and won the college division by two and a half hours. Their time of 13:05:47 represents the fastest time of nearly an hour in Paul Smith College history at this legendary event.

Not to be outdone, the college mixed C4 team clocked a winning time of 13:39:42, not only winning the class, but beating the next college boat by an hour and a half – the time represents another college record for the Bobcats. . The Bobcats’ second C4 took 5th place in class with a time of 15:10:05.

The College Women’s C2 Team of Emily Cieslewitz and Abigail Johnson stormed the Recreation Division, beating not just the women’s field, but the entire field, to take top honors with a time of 17 :58:27.

The Bobcats will be back at the Long Lake Long Boat Championship in two weeks.

Fournias wins the Post 1619 golf league

PERU — Only 1.5 points separated the top four teams during a very competitive season in the Post 1619 Golf League at the Adirondack Golf & Country Club, Brad and Kevin Fournia ended up winning the league on the last day of the 18-week season with a 37-17 record.

Pete McMillan/Ken Gadway and Frank Darrah/Jack Mawhinney were tied for second at 36-18, just one point off the pace. Chris Dupell/Dale Sears at 35.5-18.5 were another 0.5 points off the pace in fourth. Steve and Ryan Williams were fifth at 33.5-20.5 and sixth was Zach Smart/Steve Fuller at 31.5-22.5. Mike Rock compiled the low average again, edging out John Coryer, 41.6-41.4. Steve Pedulla (42.9), Ryan Williams (43.7) and Dupell (43.8) complete the top five. Coryer’s par 36 on the league’s final day was the lowest round of the season, followed by Mike Rock and Brad Fournia with 37 and Dale Sears and Coryer with 38.

One of the highlights of the season was three holes in one by Mike Rock, Marty Collins and Terry Sears — all on the 17th hole.


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