Stolen Turbine Water Pump in Delaware County


New York State Police are looking for someone who stole very heavy and specialized equipment in the town of Masonville, Delaware County.

Authorities say they are looking for a massive “Buffalo” turbine water pump that was stolen from a building being demolished on State Route 8 between July and this month.

The Troopers say they’d love to hear from anyone who sees the large, tube-shaped gear with faded brick-red paint that could pop up anywhere from gear sales to scrapyards.

Photo courtesy of New York State Police

Photo courtesy of New York State Police

The pump has a large yellow number 2 stuck on the right side.

According to an online search, Buffalo impeller pumps are centrifugal devices that can blow debris, air, dust and water or other materials in a number of applications, including air purification. Online advertisements for the equipment show devices that appear smaller than the turbine sought by state police costing between several thousand and tens of thousands of dollars.

There was no specific information on the weight of the turbine that was stolen, but it appears that the equipment weighs several hundred pounds, indicating that more than one person may have been involved in the theft and that a vehicle and possibly other equipment would have been required to remove the item from the demolition site.

Photo courtesy of New York State Police

Photo courtesy of New York State Police

State police did not say which building containing the equipment was being demolished when the pump was discovered to be missing.

Anyone with information regarding the turbine or a potential suspect in the case or who may have seen suspicious activity around the construction site on Route 8 is asked to contact the New York State Police at (607) 561- 7400. (reference case 11105867)

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