The 2022 MyLife Dusi Canoe Marathon comes to an end


DUSI Canoe star Andy Birkett and his young partner Dave Evans took victory in style in this year’s MyLife Dusi Canoe Marathon.

The 71st edition of the marathon saw competitors complete the final leg of the race at Durban’s Blue Lagoon on Saturday afternoon.

Friends, family and supporters showed up in droves to greet the paddlers on the final leg.

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This iconic South African canoeing event was founded in 1951 and covers 120km between the towns of Pietermaritzburg and Durban in KwaZulu-Natal on the east coast of South Africa.

The Dusi is the largest canoeing event on the African continent and one of the most popular river marathons in the world.

The race is held every February and starts on the Msunduzi River which runs through Pietermaritzburg.

The halfway point of the race begins where the Msunduzi River meets the much larger uMngeni River and the final stage is a 36km stretch from the Inanda Dam to the Blue Lagoon in Durban.

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