The officials of the Dusi Canoe Marathon declare themselves ready for the opening of registrations


Taxi Rapid on the first day of the Dusi Canoe Marathon is the first challenge paddlers face on the Duzi River.

The anticipation buzz ahead of the 2022 MyLife Dusi Canoe Marathon has increased a notch with the official opening of race registrations this week.

This offers athletes ready to enter the race February 17-19 a chance to register for a reduced race and enjoy an upgraded gift bag.

“There were good rains at the start of the season and there are lots of paddlers, which bodes well for the summer. “

President of the organizing committee of the Dusi Marathon, Shane Le Breton.

Gameplan Media reported that the summer paddling season saw early spring precipitation that raised the water table and gave paddlers favorable conditions for the early season races, which have already taken place.

With the completion of the Fish Marathon which decided on the national K2 river titles, attention now turns to KZN and the build-up of MyLife Dusi, which begins with an important Dusi qualifier, the Clanfin Umpetha Challenge, on the first week- end of November.

The race is still an important part of many people’s preparation for the Dusi, as it takes place over the first eight kilometers of the Dusi and also includes the difficult portage from Bishopstowe Hill which has become a dreaded test at the start of the season. for rowers.

The Maritzburg College choir sings for the paddlers.Canoe Marathon.”/>

The Maritzburg College choir sings to show their support for canoeists on the opening day of the 2020 Dusi Canoe Marathon.

Additionally, importantly for paddlers at the front of the race, the Umpetha Challenge is the first race in the MyLife Dusi 2022 series and is an important ranking race for paddlers targeting first place and ranking by. lots.

“We are looking forward to another fantastic season of MyLife Dusi and everything is set for us,” said organizing committee chair Shane Le Breton.

“The Dusi 2021 was a huge success, given the difficulties we encountered, and we just want to grow that success ahead of the 2022 race.

“There were good rains at the start of the season and there are lots of paddlers, which bodes well for the summer. “

The organizers of the Dusi hope to receive a flood of early admissions that will be offered at a reduced rate until December 1, when the normal admission price will take over.


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