The organizers of the Drak Challenge ready for anything


The organizers of the N3TC Drak Challenge canoe marathon are committed to organizing the race.

The organizers of the upcoming N3TC Drak Challenge canoe marathon have stressed that they have a number of contingency plans to ensure the event takes place, regardless of the status of national lockdown regulations at the end of January.

The Drak Challenge canoe marathon takes place in Underberg on January 29th and 30th. The popular two-day canoe marathon in the southern Drakensberg was called off as the second wave of Covid-19 infections sent the country into a hard lockdown in January.

“It’s been a difficult two years for everyone and as an event that has consistently positioned itself as ‘the funniest canoeing you can do’ and we expect many paddlers to take the Drak a priority in January. “

The chairman of the race committee, Mark Willment.

Race committee chief Mark Willment said a lot has been learned since then.

“We saw how safely and successfully the MyLife Dusi, Berg, Breede and Fish marathons were organized in full compliance with the regulations in force at that time, and that they were safe events that were really enjoyable. for the paddlers who participated, ”said Willment.

“The beauty of our event is that we naturally adapt to the demands of social distancing as we have to start with a lot of small lots to get everyone to the narrow headwaters of the river safely.

“We have plans to ensure that we will contain the numbers in one place and at all times well within the limits set for outdoor events by reducing the lot sizes and spacing the lots. Spectators are not allowed, as stipulated in the regulations, and the technical guides present to assist the paddlers are naturally restricted as there are not many places where they can congregate on the banks of the river during the race. .

Willment said the safety and fun of the paddling weekend is always going to be a priority, and that he and the Canyon Kayak Club committee hosting the race are keen to make sure the 2022 race is safe.

“The feeling we get from the paddlers is that they are desperate to get back to the river,” Willment said. “It’s been a difficult two years for everyone and as an event that has consistently positioned itself as ‘the funniest canoe you can do’ and we expect a lot of paddlers to make the Drak a priority. in January.

“It’s pretty clear that budgets are also tight in many households, so the ethics of value for money has always been at the heart of the Drak will be especially important now,” he added.


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